How Expensive Is a CNC Machining Degree?

How Expensive Is a CNC Machining Degree?

If you’ve got a knack for working with your hands, managing software programs, and producing new materials, you might consider a career as a CNC machinist. CNC machining is an essential part of many big industries—including aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, and construction—and a trade that requires particular skills.

If you’re thinking of working with CNC machines (or computer numerical control machines), you might be wondering about what it’ll take to get ready for a CNC career . . . and how much your training program will cost.

The cost of a CNC machining degree can vary due to several different factors, but you can expect to spend between $3,000 and $13,000 for a CNC program. Here are three factors that will impact what you pay for a CNC machining career training program:

1. The length of the program

Most CNC machining programs are certificate or diploma programs, which typically take a year (or sometimes even less!) to complete. But some CNC programs result in associate degrees, which can take a little longer to finish—and require a little more funding to enroll. Take note of both the number of credit hours needed and the tuition fees when choosing which program is right for you.

2. Apprenticeships, certifications, and more

Those training to become CNC machinists may opt to participate in an apprenticeship, pursue additional certifications, or seek more specialized training in the industry. Many states, industry associations, and other organizations offer great opportunities to help prepare for—and advance—a CNC career. These sometimes require added fees, but they can also mean investing more time before you’re prepared to get a job.

3. Scholarships and grants

Most students use a combination of scholarships, grants, loans, and personal funding to pay for their education, and CNC students are no different. In fact, the Imagine America Foundation (IAF) has a robust network of partner schools—and each of them offers our scholarship and award programs. These programs provide students with a discount on their tuition to help make their education more affordable.

Ready to find a program near you? We’re proud to work with partner institutions like Universal Technical Institute, which offers training programs in a variety of technical fields—including computer numerical control machining. Check out our database of schools now and find the perfect CNC machining certificate or degree program for you!

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