How Diesel Tech Certifications Can Accelerate Your Career

How Diesel Tech Certifications Can Accelerate Your Career

Becoming a diesel technician or mechanic can open doors to career opportunities in a wide range of important industries nationwide. But if you’re looking to really accelerate your career, what options can you consider?

Certifications from educational institutions, industry organizations, and even individual employers have long been a great way to demonstrate your skills and knowhow. These can make a huge difference in your career trajectory, whether you’re new to the field, seeking advancement, or just want the personal satisfaction of increasing your aptitude

Getting Certified

There are plenty of different types of certifications for automotive and diesel techs, but one of the most well-regarded comes from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). ASE is an independent nonprofit organization that has been promoting excellence in the automotive service industry since 1972.

While having an ASE certification isn’t required to become a mechanic, many employers will look for that designation in their prospective hires. In fact, many schools who offer automotive training programs gear their curricula specifically toward preparing their students for the certification process.

The certification process may vary depending on which assessments you’re taking, but they typically include multiple-choice questions across different content areas. Unlike many of the tests you’re probably used to in school—the ones that deal with theory or broad concepts—the ASE tests are designed to focus on relevant, practical issues you’re likely to deal with on the job.

You should also note that ASE certifications don’t last forever: You’ll need to take a recertification test every five years to maintain your certification. This process can also serve as a reminder that the learning process never ends: Keep finding new areas to explore and to master, even adding multiple certifications to your résumé.

Other Diesel Certifications

ASE certifications may be the most recognized or sought-after for mechanics and technicians, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones out there.

Certifications from individual manufacturers are a very popular way of demonstrating knowledge and understanding of a particular brand, which can be especially important for diesel techs working in a brand-specific repair shop, manufacturer, or dealership. Diesel vehicles may all rely on the same basic technology, but they are far from uniform when they’re out on the road. These certifications can show that you are well-equipped to diagnose, repair, and test issues following the appropriate protocols or requirements.

Plus, there’s always room to learn more. Once you’ve earned one certification, you can pursue another one in a different area of focus. Many certifications also offer master-level designations so that you can continue to advance your knowledge and expertise in a specific content area.

Certified Diesel Mechanics

Any certification can offer a sense of competency and personal accomplishment, which can be very satisfying. But the truth is that certifications can also offer a different type of reward—on your paycheck.

Earning certifications can make you a more attractive candidate, setting you apart from uncertified applicants. It can also help you pursue promotions and advancement in your current role. That could mean higher wages or salaries for ASE-certified diesel technicians and mechanics.

Are you ready to begin the path to a diesel technology career? The Imagine America Foundation has partnered with schools nationwide who offer the hands-on training needed to prepare for certification exams and work as diesel mechanics. Find the right one for you today!

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