Imagine America Member Benefits for Career Colleges

Imagine America Member Benefits for Career Colleges

First, who is Imagine America?

The Imagine America Foundation (IAF), formerly the Career College Foundation, was established in 1982 as the research, scholarship and training provider for the nation's career colleges. But we do more than offer scholarships for trade schools and career colleges. We also work with high schools and career colleges to increase student retention. And most importantly, we constantly reflect on how we can improve our services and create resources that help students in all phases of their career path.

The career college sector has gone through many changes over the course of our long history. And as we continue to adapt to the workforce's ever-changing needs, our commitment to provide career college scholarships for adult learners, military veterans, and high school students will not change.

What does Imagine America do for it's participating members?

Scholarship & Award Programs

The Imagine America Foundation has been running scholarship and award programs since 1999. We partner with career colleges to help them establish an easy-to-manage scholarship and award program for graduating high school seniors, adult students 19 years of age and older and military students.

Utilize The Latest Technology- Our scholarship programs are all run and managed with the latest technology, making organizing a scholarship program at your school easier than ever! With instant access and communication through our mobile app, connecting with your students is now quick, simple and effective.

Imagine America currently partners with close to 400 career colleges across the country that offer our scholarship and award programs. Since our programs started, Imagine America has provided over $180 million in tuition assistance.

Organic Lead Generation

Interested in quality leads? Look no further than the Imagine America Foundation. IAF runs organic lead generation exclusively for participating member schools. With higher inquiry to start conversions than the average, the Imagine America Foundation provides high quality leads at a lower rate for member institutions.

Marketing and Community Outreach

We believe it is our mission to promote the benefits of a career college education. Through the high school, adult and military scholarship/award programs, the Imagine America Foundation has grown an extensive database of individuals who help influence a student's decision on where to attend post-secondary education.

IAF now owns a database of over 30,000 high schools, workforce boards, and Veterans Affairs offices all over the United States. Each of these individuals have assisted students in attending a career college and are receptive to career college information.

Our Monthly Directory Listings: On a monthly basis, the Imagine America Foundation sends a state by state directory listing to these audiences (high schools, workforce boards and VA offices) to inform them of the schools who participate in the Imagine America scholarship/award programs.

Video Introduction: Introduce your school to the high schools, workforce boards and VA offices in your local community. IAF gives all of it's member institutions two free video introductions or announcements each year. Maybe you want to introduce your school as a participating scholarship member, or maybe you have an open house coming up and want to spread the word!

Directory Email Example

State by State Directory Email: Goes to over 30,000 high schools, workforce boards and VA offices across the United States.

20-30% OPR

2-8% CTR

Introductory Email Example

Introductory Email: Goes to all high schools, workforce boards and VA offices around your campus locations!

20-35% OPR

3-9% CTR

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