Special Awards and Funds

Special Awards and Funds:

Additional Aid for High-Achieving Career College Students

We can't even count how many students make us proud every year. When you experience reaching a new milestone in life that aligns with your professional goals, it's something to be proud of. Imagine America decided to offer these extra awards aimed at students in our three scholarship categories. If you are a student seeking a trade school scholarship, take a look at these special awards you could potentially receive. This could be in addition to the maximum $1,000 award you can receive if you apply now and choose one of our partner colleges for career training. They offer programs in several high-growth areas, such as information technology and health care. Our vocational and trade school partners also have mechanical, welding, and business and arts programs you can choose from if those are where your career passions lie.

No matter what kind of scholarships to trade schools, career colleges or technical colleges you're looking for, it makes sense to apply to our programs today. It's free, quick and may inspire you to finally make the career changes in life that you really want to make. Continue reading about these additional funds for career college students. Then create your Imagine America profile and apply for the vocational scholarship that fits you!

How our special awards and funds were created

Through contributions made to the 21st Century Workforce Fund, the Imagine America Foundation is able to offer additional awards to students and career college representatives. In less than a decade, more than $1 million in cash grants has been awarded to more than 800 career college students through the Imagine America Promise and LDRSHIP Awards. The following award programs are cash grants made by our sponsors.

Read more about Imagine America's special awards — use the links below:

More reasons to become an Imagine America member

If you're a student, you can use our Road Map to Student Success to map your journey from training to your next career:

  • Our Trends and Resources section has TONS of useful information and will only keep growing
  • We make it simple for high schools and career colleges to work with us
  • Students who receive scholarship money for school have higher retention rates than those who don't receive scholarships
  • We're a network of hundreds of thousands of students and educators who all want to see each other succeed

There are so many ways students can benefit from our career college scholarships and Imagine America membership. Create your quick profile and submit your application today, and see how we can help you with your career goals, too.

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