Once Enrolled for College Admins

Stop 4: Once Enrolled

Once you enroll your school with Imagine America, we can start working together to help your students succeed and increase retention for your programs. We have data that proves IAF scholarship recipients tend to stick it out at higher rates than students who don't have any scholarship promises. The financial help we offer relieves some of the weight students feel when paying for school.

Next Steps to Ensure Student Retention and Success

Here are quick ways you can set the ball in motion as soon as you enroll your school with Imagine America:

  • Share a link to our Road Map to Student Success. This handy guide helps students at all phases of their career journey. It also includes school survival tips, links to helpful resources and tips for career success they can use after they graduate.
  • Let your students know about our mobile app. Every IAF member can keep up with their applications and access all the resources from our regular website with ease.
  • Subscribe to Career College Central, our quarterly publication that focuses on the state of the career college industry. Each issue is packed with useful (and interesting) information that's well worth reading.
  • Tell your students about our job board! You know what really gets students excited? The thought of a real job they can be proud of after they complete their training. We regularly update our job board with relevant career opportunities available for graduates.

Tell Your Students to Explore Our Trends and Resources Section

The next stop on the Road Map to Success for college advisers is exploring our trends and resources section, which offers important research and publications that give our partners valuable insight about their students and the state of the career college and traditional university sectors.

We'll continue to update this section with articles and information that help students:

  • Prepare for interviews
  • Develop better study habits
  • Choose a school/program
  • Understand their financial aid options and how to make smart money decisions


Additional Materials You Might Find Helpful

Be sure to check out the following publications and resources:

  • Annual Report. This is our yearly checkup to show you data behind our activities throughout the year. It also includes student success stories, so we can remind ourselves about the impact we have on students as they improve their lives.
  • Promotional Materials. Review promotional materials our partners use to make sure their students understand our programs and the ways we can impact their success.
  • Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) tool. Provide this helpful video tool to your students that details how they can complete this necessary, but often intimidating, part of the scholarship application process.
  • FactBook. Check out this awesome resource that compiles the best data and statistics from the most credible agencies and organizations that track secondary education statistics and other information you may need.



Once again, thank you for being a vital part of our mission to achieve student success. If you need additional information or have ideas for how we can improve your IAF experience, please let us know!

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