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Road Map to College Counselor Success

We understand how critical the role of a career college counselor is to student success. That’s why we take our relationships with career colleges and advisers seriously. We want to work with as many counselors as possible to increase enrollments, strengthen retention rates and make education affordable for all students. More than that, we want to make it simple and efficient for you to work with us, because we know your time is valuable and often limited.

We've now introduced our Road Map to Student Success that helps students stay on track from the moment they decide to pursue an education until they start their careers. Plus, our job board is accessible to all graduates who are looking for new opportunities. And we're always thinking of new ways to help students. That’s why we've developed an app that streamlines all the forms, information and alerts that are relevant to our scholarship activities.

To benefit career college counselors, we’ve now created a Road Map to Success for you as well.

Review each stop on your Road Map to find the resources you need to work with us and help your students throughout the scholarship process. Along the way, you can learn more about our mission and how we can work together to help even more students achieve their goals.

Sharing Is Caring

Please share links to the student, parent and counselor/adviser Road Maps to Success with anyone who could benefit from our scholarships. We feel it is essential to get everyone on the same page to give students their best shot at succeeding in their education and training.

After you review the Road Map to Success for college counselors and advisers, let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll get back to you right away. Thanks for being an incredibly valuable partner in transforming lives through quality, career-focused education!

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