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Stay current with career college trends and statistics

Imagine America spends a lot of time behind the scenes researching the trends, facts and statistics that help us improve student success. That's why we offer this library of research and publications for counselors, advisers, students and parents to read and share. Not only do we have plenty of articles for students that can help them improve their learning skills and job opportunities, but we offer many resources that our high school and career college partners can use as well. If you work for a high school or career college, make sure to check out our Annual Report and our FactBook that breaks down the state of our sector in ways you can easily digest.

How our resources benefit Imagine America members

  • Many of these research publications can be downloaded and shared for FREE.
  • Articles help students improve their study skills, which can result in higher retention rates.
  • Data and research can help schools make smart decisions about how they engage their students and understand who they are, what their challenges are, etc.
  • Career-focused articles help students transition from career training to the careers they've been training for. When your students succeed, so do we!
  • When we publish new articles that are helpful for students, they can easily access them through our Imagine America mobile app. Staying engaged and informed has never been easier for our members!

Keep up with the latest trends and industry news

We will continue to provide information to our members and partners that aligns with our shared missions. We want to make sure these valuable resources are available to anyone who can benefit from them. If you have ideas for articles or additional resources that can enhance this section, please let us know.

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