Surviving and Thriving in School

Stop 6: Surviving and Thriving in School

Download our Road Map to Student Success, and keep this guide handy as you travel down the road. Getting to the point where you are enrolled and ready to go is a big deal! But don’t let all that effort go to waste. Treat these tips like your Ten Commandments for career training success.

10 tips for surviving and thriving while you're in school

1. Show up ... even online.
We know it sounds obvious, but develop a mindset that strives to make it to every class and every virtual check-in for online students.

2. Check in with your academic adviser.
This is sometimes overlooked until the last semester before graduation. Develop a relationship early, and keep it going.

3. Don’t over-work yourself.
Would you walk into a gym and try to bench-press 500 pounds? Not unless you wanted to look silly or wind up injuring yourself. In other words, know your limits. You’ll be much more likely to succeed if you do.

4. Develop a solutions-focused attitude.
You know there will always be stressful times while you’re in school. There will be tough courses, challenging tests and seemingly impossible assignments. Try to keep yourself in a mindset that looks for solutions and seeks help when challenges arise.

5. Create a schedule — and stick to it!

Before your semester begins, sit down and plan out your weekly time. Talk through your personal expectations with family or roommates and others who may be affected by your shift in routine.

6. Make time for fun.
Although there may not be much time to hang out with friends, try to pencil in some fun time every week to balance your study time. You’ll find yourself more energized when you return, and you'll avoid the risk of getting burned out halfway through your semester.

7. Take good notes.
Many students learn more effectively when they write down the important parts of lectures. If that's you, make this part of your school routine, and also remember to review your class notes at the end of each day for a quick refresher of what you've learned that day.

8. Network with peers.
Your time in school is not just a good time to gain the knowledge and skills for the job you want. It’s also the perfect time to get to know your peers. Also, make an effort to develop good relationships with your professors, and seek out professional organizations that help workers in your field.

9. Use school resources.
Many schools have resources students don’t even know are available. Make sure you understand all the benefits and resources you can use to enhance your education and training.

10. Immerse yourself in your professional field.

This can include joining organizations that support professionals in the area you want to work. It can also mean going to community events, job fairs, and other activities that can keep you connected and in tune with your field or career of interest.

Now, let's move to the last stop on your road to success …

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