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Finding the right scholarship award

Need help funding your career college education? Imagine America's student scholarships can help you pay for vocational and career college programs or technical job training. The Imagine America Foundation sponsors three career college scholarships: Imagine America for high school seniors, the Military Award Program (MAP) for military personnel, and the Adult Skills Education Program (ASEP). Each year, thousands of students are awarded scholarships for career college and vocational training through these programs. They have the option to attend one of approximately 400 participating career school campuses.

Why is career college beneficial for students?

Efficient: Career-focused programs can typically be completed within 12-18 months. Even two-year associate programs can offer students an efficient path to entry-level career qualifications.

Budget-friendly: Shorter programs can be more economical, since students will not have to pay for as many credits. Some fields, such as health care, offer competitive-paying entry-level jobs for medical assistants and other careers.

Career services: It's common for career colleges to have advisers who connect students with local employers. When you compare technical education and vocational school programs, ask each adviser how they can help you land the job you're aiming for after you finish training.

College scholarships for high school students

Reports show that high school students who have a scholarship promise have higher graduation rates than those who don't. When many people think about scholarships for education, they don't always consider all of their options. Imagine America is proof that you can find scholarships to trade schools, as well as career and technical colleges. We love helping high school students set their sights on learning job skills and developing career goals.

If you are a high school senior or recent high school graduate, you could be eligible to receive a $1,000 career college education scholarship. Applying for this educational scholarship is easy! The hard part is choosing which one of our approximately 400 career college and vocational training school partners offers the best program for your goals. With our long history in the career college sector, we have relationships with schools that offer quality programs in growing fields. Submit an application for the Imagine America high school scholarship online today!

Education grants for military personnel

There is no doubt your service to our great nation helped you develop many career and professional skills. Imagine America can never fully repay you for your service, but we can do our best to ensure your potential for career success in the civilian world.

Whether your experience helps you qualify for mechanical, medical, information tech, business or another type of profession, you should consider your career college options. With a path for completion that is often much quicker than four-year options, you can be stepping back into the workforce here at home sooner than you think!

So, if you are an active-duty member or honorably discharged or retired veteran of the United States military, why not further your career education? The Foundation has grants to help fund your education. Submit an application for the Military Award Program online today!

Scholarships for adult students

Are you ready to shift careers, finally earn your education, or meet another goal you have for job training? We encourage students of all ages to consider pursuing their dream job — no matter what it is. That's why we also offer scholarships to trade schools for adults who need a little financial help and could use some extra resources to make sure they stay on track. It can be difficult to juggle a career, family responsibilities and other things on your plate. Having extra financial support and the additional resources we provide can help ease some of that stress. See if you qualify for our career and technical college adult scholarship program today.

For students 19 and older pursuing career education, the Foundation has education grants to assist you. Eligible applicants could receive a $1,000 award. Submit an application for the Adult Skills Education Program Award online today!

Why become an Imagine America member right now?

No matter which student category you fall into, becoming an Imagine America member right now offers many benefits. First of all, membership is FREE. You just go to the IAF portal, create a login and a profile, and you're off to the races!

From there, download our IAF mobile app, where you can track your application, receive status updates and access all our resources with ease. Good luck on your journey toward career success. We hope you apply and qualify for our career and technical education program scholarships!

We will help you select a school, get a scholarship to attend and help you stay in school. See what we mean on our next stop …


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