History and Mission

About the Imagine America Foundation

The Imagine America Foundation was established in 1982 as the Career College Foundation. Since then, we have become the most trusted voice in the career college sector, providing research, scholarship, and training for the nation's career colleges. This sector has gone through many changes over the course of our long history, which is why we work directly with high schools and career colleges to respond to industry trends, connect with their student communities, and increase student retention—even in a constantly evolving industry.

What remains constant is our focus on career training and ensuring that students earn the skills and job qualifications needed to meet industry-standard and employer requirements. We are successful because we work closely with employers to understand their needs and with the schools who offer relevant and affordable training programs.

Our dedication to students includes helping them find programs to meet their goals, to succeed in school, and to afford their education through our scholarship award and grant programs:

IAF is also proud to sponsor the LDRSHIP AwardAdult Excellence Award, and Imagine America Promise Scholarship Award programs. These additional awards shine a light on highly motivated students and the successes they've achieved through career-focused training.

Career college students have received more than $190 million in scholarships and awards through the Imagine America Foundation!

The Imagine America Foundation Mission:

The Imagine America Foundation is committed to promoting the value of specialized career education and helping students get the hands-on training they deserve.

Through conducting surveys, recognizing cutting-edge industry developments, and sharing information, we nurture a robust network of school counselors, workforce development boards, Veterans Affairs offices, and training programs all across the country.

IAF for College Administrators

IAF sponsors research that elevates the public’s understanding of the vital role of career colleges and their students nationwide. We share valuable insights throughout the sector with the annual publication of our FactBook: A Profile of Career Colleges and Universities.

IAF for Parents and Counselors

IAF is dedicated to informing parents, high school counselors, and other advocates for students about the values of career training programs. Explore resources like the Imagine America Radio podcast channel, Career College Exposition webinar series, and Counselor’s Corner to learn more.

IAF for Current and Future Students

Whether you're still deciding whether it's the right time to enroll in a career training program or are already working hard to succeed in school, we're here to support you! IAF will help you find the right school, thrive in your program, and prepare for the job market.

Apply for scholarships using our mobile app!

The IAF app delivers tools and resources perfect for students of all ages — as well as high school counselors, career college administrators, and college and university administrators. Matching your school with scholarship opportunities, applying to your school and even checking your application status have never been easier.