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It can be a little intimidating thinking about your future sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be! That’s why we created this handy guide to mapping your future. We even created one for parents, counselors and college advisers, so everyone is on the same page. Feel free to share these resources with them, so they can do their part to support you throughout this exciting road trip to your next career destination.


If you’re ready to get the education and training you need to start working, we can help you move forward. All you have to do is figure out where you are on our Road Map to Student Success.


If you’re ready to start learning more about high school completion, choosing vocational and career training, financial aid, scholarships, and tips for career success, follow the link below.


Finding your destination is easy as long as you have a reliable GPS. Navigate with IAF across this interactive map with destinations featuring career, school and scholarship options for students.


Navigate the 7 Student Road Stops

Stop 1: Career and Technical Education

As your first step toward the career you want, learn why many students who want a job quickly choose career college programs in a variety of growing fields. Then take a moment to consider the potential benefits of career college training for your goals and current life situation.

Stop 2: Figuring Out Where You Fit

Once you decide to train for a new job, it’s time to assess your interests and natural abilities. There are many growing fields you can consider, including health care, business and arts, information technology, and mechanical-based career paths. Take our self-assessment, and start moving in the right professional direction.

Stop 3: How Do I Get There? (Planning for Success)

Before you decide to enroll, check out our 7 Steps to Choosing the Right School. You should find out why accreditation, financial aid options, location and other factors should weigh into your decision-making process. Make this your first step in the process of choosing a program.

Stop 4: How Do I Pay for School?

We know, paying for school is the last thing you want to think about. (That’s why we put this step in the middle.) Take a deep breath and use our Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) tool to make sure you create a realistic plan to pay for school while juggling your other life responsibilities.

Stop 5: Imagine America Scholarships

Learn about all the scholarship opportunities the Imagine America Foundation offers. Perhaps you qualify for a scholarship you weren’t aware of. Or maybe you know someone who could benefit from our awards as well? Take a few moments to find out.

Stop 6: Surviving and Thriving in School

Once you enroll in a career college program, your exciting journey toward a new career has just begun. Review this section, which deals with Surviving and Thriving in School, to get helpful tips that can keep you on track as you learn. This is a great peek at our Trends & Resources articles that are packed full of great info.

Stop 7: Job Preparation and Career Success

Our goal isn’t just to help you train for a new job; we want to help you find one as well. Check out this stop on the Road Map to find out why you should consider yourself a lifelong learner, treat every job like it’s your passion, and look for ways to celebrate your success when you start accomplishing your goals.

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