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Welcome to the Imagine America Foundation's blog! Here you will find all that you need to know about - Career Information - Financial Literacy - Housing Solutions - Scholarship Information and Career College Resources.

The research used in Imagine America publications and analyses to promote postsecondary career education is sponsored in part by the Herzing Research and Scholarship Fund. Est. 2007

Learn More About Our Top Career Programs

Here we review the top programs that our students are receiving scholarships to study! You will find these careers broken into categories. Find the one you're most interested in!

Financial Literacy

Check out our blog on financial literacy! 

Imagine America knows that financial literacy is a key component to feeling comfortable with your college decision making process! Learn more about how to pay for college and - what to do after college and in your future.

Housing Series

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Check out our blog on housing! 

Where you live while you're in school is important! Take a look at our blog for tips on all things housing, from signing a lease to dealing with roommates.

Alumni Blog

Check out our alumni blog! 

What are you going to do after you graduate? From the application to the interview to accepting an offer, buying a house and everything in between,  we've got some helpful tips! Let Imagine America help you sort out what to do before starting your first day on the job. Check out our alumni blog.

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