Job Preparation and Career Success

Stop 7: Job Preparation and Career Success

Now comes the exciting part, right? Once you complete your training, all you have to do is ace the interview and your troubles are over. Well, kind of, but you need to be careful. Once you land the job you want and start your career, it will be awesome. But you don’t want to take two steps forward and accidentally take a step back. Another great reason to hang on to our Road Map is this practical list of ways to start off on the right foot in your career and maintain your balance for long-term success.

Check out this list of ways you can be successful in your career after you complete your training. And use our job resources to find your next opportunity.

5 steps for career success

1. Network with other professionals.

This includes joining relevant organizations and associations, participating in events and workshops, and taking advantage of continuing education opportunities.

2. Listen to your peers as well as your superiors.

Many times, the best ideas and inspirations don’t come from the people above you; they come from the people sitting next to you. Try to learn from everyone you can, no matter how good you are on the job.

3. Treat every job like it’s your passion.

You might have higher goals. But the more you treat every opportunity with humility while building a healthy level of self-respect, the better off you will be. When you take every job seriously, you will naturally set yourself up for the next level.

4. Consider yourself a lifelong learner.

The great thing about the American education system is that you can always go back to school and continue learning. Even if you love your job and never thought you would make it this far, don’t ever be afraid to set new goals.

5. Look for ways to celebrate your success.

It can be easy to get in the flow of a career, and then suddenly it feels routine. That’s why you need to always find ways to celebrate your "wins" at work and look for ways to lift up others as well. The more you contribute to a positive culture in the workplace, the happier you — and everyone you work with — will be.

Additional resources

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