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Imagine America Radio is a podcast channel created by the Imagine America Foundation – a valuable resource for high schools, workforce boards, VA offices, colleges, and students alike. The goal of this podcast is to promote the career opportunities that exist in today’s workforce, be a resource for students preparing to enter postsecondary institutions, and provide quality information on career and technical education.

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Listen to our latest podcast episodes:

Season 1, Episode 5: America's Skills Gap

Our guest on this episode of Imagine America Radio is Rich Garti, director of operations for Universal Technical Institute in Sacramento, California. This episode’s topic is the American skills gap.. What is the skills gap? What does it mean for my community? How should we address the skills gap? All this answered and more.

For more information on Universal Technical Institute, click HERE. We hope you enjoy this episode of Imagine America Radio – your podcast for career and technical education!

Season 1, Episode 4: Electric Technician Careers

Imagine America Radio interviews James “Jim” Bologa, president and CEO of Porter & Chester Institute, on the future of electrical careers.

What does an electrician do?

What’s the national average salary of an electrical technician?

How long does it take to go to school to become an electrical technician

And more! 

Season 1, Episode 3: HVAC Careers

Imagine America Radio interviews Russell “Wicker” Freeman, president and CEO of Coyne College, on the future of HVAC careers. 

What does an HVAC technician do?

What’s the national average salary an HVAC technician can make in a year?

How long does it take to go to school to become an HVAC technician? 

And more!

Season 1, Episode 2: What to Expect with College Housing

Imagine America interviews David Neal, president and CEO of Collegiate Housing, about what high school seniors should expect in terms of housing at the college of their choice. Some colleges offer dorms, some offer shared apartments, and some do not offer housing at all. Learn more about what you should expect and what questions to ask! Learn more about Collegiate Housing here.  

Season 1, Episode 1: The Future of IT Careers

Imagine America Radio is joined by Jenni Valentino, our resident expert in all things career-related. In this episode, we break down the information technology career outlook for 2019 and beyond. Read more about the outlook here.

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