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COVID-19 Response from Lincoln Tech - Queens, NY: Season 2, Episode 2

MORE FROM OUR EPISODE ON Lincoln Tech - Queens, new York's Response to COVID-19

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Joining us on this episode is Herman Dawkins, campus president of Lincoln Tech in Queens, New York.

Lincoln Tech has 22 campuses located throughout the United States, and they have been educating tomorrow’s workforce since 1946. Lincoln Tech trains its students to enter the workforce in the automotive, skilled trades, health sciences, culinary, spa and cosmetology, and information technology career fields. They are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

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Bob Martin: Joining us today for today’s episode of Imagine America Radio is Mr. Herman Dawkins, president of Lincoln Tech – Queens, New York, in the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic. The topic couldn’t be more important. What we first want to do is find out from Mr. Dawkins exactly what accommodations have been made as a result of government action and etc. (and corporate actions) for you to be able to think about continuing operations with Lincoln Tech. So how have you reacted to the current coronavirus epidemic?

Herman Dawkins: Well, one thing about Lincoln is, Lincoln is always on top of the incoming changes. As they looked at the news and saw what was going on and how the virus was spreading, we had already put in place to prepare for online learning. We started preparing our employees and our students to go remotely, if it came to that. So once it happened, we were ready and prepared, and students were already set up for it.

Lee Doubleday: Okay. So, what I think I—this is Lee, and I’m talking to Herman Dawkins, campus president of Lincoln Tech in Queens, New York. And what I think I hear you saying is that your campuses are currently physically not open. However, you are teaching online. Are you still open for tours? Or is that something that maybe is done virtually as well?

Herman: The campus is closed. Everything is done virtual. We had some videos made of the campus, a virtual tour. That’s what our admissions department—and any time students or guests are looking to enroll, and they want to get an idea what the facility looks like, it is shown to them so that they can have a clear view of what the campus looks like.

Lee: That’s fantastic. And I think it’s great that Lincoln Tech was able to provide that to students at a really quick and pivotal time.

Herman: Yes. You still are. Right now, our admissions department and our financial aid department are fully functional—remotely, but they’re fully functional. They are speaking to students on the phone. They’re providing them with virtual tours. Students are enrolling.

Lee: Okay. Now, I’m assuming that this pandemic is going to go on and the campus may still be closed. And so I’m guessing this won’t affect the next start. And, so, you’re going to be teaching that maybe online?

Herman: Yes. It will also be remote, distance learning. We’ll prepare our students—because right now, our students get laptops as part of their curriculum. We’ll work out a system—something we already started planning—that we can hold our orientations as usual, but online. Virtual orientations. And then we will make arrangements to have the computers either delivered to the students or somehow arrange where they can pick them up, but our goal is to have them prepared so that they can start their online learning and start their career.

Bob: This is Bob Martin again, Imagine America Radio, speaking to Herman Dawkins, president of Lincoln Tech in Queens. One last question before we close the conversation out on coronavirus. I’m a high school student, or I’m a high school counselor, and they’ve shut down the school. And I’m a student that’s interested in Lincoln. Normally, I would go through the process of seeing my guidance counselor, either he or she would push me to look at either online and/or to the career center to look at the school. Maybe you’ve got your reps going in there, etc.

What would you advise now for that student that’s interested in Lincoln and kind of is hanging out there, because there’s no real formal structure for him or her because of the schools have closed down?

Herman: The student can still reach out to us by the normal resources. If they are in contact with that guidance counselor, they can either call the school, go onto our website, lincolntech.edu. We do have our admissions high school team that is ready and able to assist that student into the enrollment process so that that student will be able to start.

Bob: Well, in summary, Herman—we’re talking to Herman Dawkins, campus president in Lincoln Tech in Queens, New York. What I’m hearing, in summary—and please correct me if I’m wrong—is that Lincoln Tech in Queens is open for business and is ready, willing, and able to assist both existing students and potential students, both in trying to transition back into online, or back into their existing curriculum for graduation. That’s my first take away.

My second takeaway is that you are open and that you are enrolling, and you will have a start for students that are interested in enrolling at Lincoln Tech in Queens later this month.

And then finally, I’m going to impose upon you a little bit. If any of our audience would like a little more direct contact with you, because they heard something you said or they just wanted to get clarification on something, they can contact Herman Dawkins and his email is hdawkins@lincolntech.edu.

Herman: That is correct.

Bob: We want to thank—that’s right. We want to thank Herman Dawkins for giving us this time, in this unbelievably busy time, for this particular episode of Imagine America Radio. Thank you very much for listening in.

Herman: My pleasure.

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