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Career College Exposition Schedule

Welcome to the Imagine America Foundation's Career College Exposition schedule. Here you will find webinars hosted by the Imagine America Foundation that are tailored to inform you about specific career paths, the colleges that offer programs within those industries, and Imagine America scholarships.


The IAF Career College Exposition is a new approach designed to help high schools provide outstanding career and education assistance for their graduating seniors.


In this series of interactive webinars, representatives of career colleges will discuss their curricula, admission requirements, financial aid, and student support services. They will provide you with the in-depth information you need to guide your STEM students toward opportunities that best match their interests and capabilities. Plus, you’ll be able to ask presenters about trends, employment options, and other topics that affect your students’ success.


Upcoming Webinars

Coming soon .... webinars to be scheduled to start in October, 2019.

Latest Webinar: Automotive Careers

May. 2, 2019 - Universal Technical Institute -  Automotive Career Opportunities in Northern California

Steven Coyle, Ed.D., national director counselor and academic relationships at Universal Technical Institute (UTI), is our guest speaker. Since 1965, UTI has been providing state-of-the-industry training for technician careers in transportation sectors such as auto, diesel, motorcycle, and marine.

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