Imagine America for College Admins

Stop 3: Imagine America for College Admins:

Our Career College Partners Are the Key to Our Success

There are many reasons why we have more than 400 career college partners and have approved thousands of scholarships for career college students over the years. It's because our career college and vocational school partners offer career-focused education programs that help students get jobs. It's that simple. We love working with career training colleges because we get to see students move quickly toward accomplishing their goals. When you see story after story about a student changing their life and setting an example for their friends and family, it's awesome.

Imagine America has become one of the most recognized high school scholarship programs of its kind. The Imagine America Foundation works with more than 20,000 high school counselors, and the Imagine America Scholarship and Award Programs have provided more than $130 million in tuition support over the years.

If you're a career college counselor, keep reading to learn more about how you can benefit by working with us. We've been helping students who need scholarships to career colleges and technical education schools for decades. Helping students reach the next level is our passion. And it's yours. So, let's work together, OK?

Top 5 reasons career schools work with the Imagine America Foundation

1. Increase exposure to high school counselors and potential students.
More than 20,000 high schools nationwide are enrolled in the Imagine America Scholarship and Award Programs. More than 1,000 Facebook followers receive new school announcements.

2. Gain access to qualified career college students.
“The Imagine America Scholarships help many Triangle Tech students achieve their dream careers.” said Tim McMahon, Triangle Tech president. “Without the support of Imagine America, most of these students would not be able to enroll.”

3. Differentiate your school from a competitor.
More than 400 career schools and colleges offer the Imagine America Scholarship and Award Programs to their students.

4. Added incentive to encourage students to enroll and start at your school.
“I am grateful that there is a scholarship program to help out adults like me with their academic goals,” said Bridgette G., Imagine America recipient. “If not for the ASEP, I would not be able to attend the school of my dreams.”

5. Access to annual career college data.
Thousands of career schools and companies use IAF’s FactBook when speaking to congressional members and the public about the value of career education.

Your school or college can make a difference
Career colleges and career schools must meet the following requirements to participate in the Imagine America Scholarship and Award Programs:

  • Be accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Register and pay a participation fee
  • Determine, in advance, how many $1,000 tuition discounts will be accepted in a program year
  • Acknowledge the availability of Imagine America scholarships, and then agree to honor scholarship certificates presented in a timely manner by qualified student(s)
  • Recognize that participating career colleges reserve the right to prorate the scholarship award over more than one payment period/quarter/semester
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