Trade School Scholarships for Adult Students

Scholarships for Adult Students

If you're interested in finding tuition assistance for career training, it's time for you to learn more about our college scholarships for adult students through our Adult Skills Education Program (ASEP).


ASEP builds upon the Foundation's award-winning Imagine America Scholarship Program, which has helped thousands of high school seniors each year attend career colleges. ASEP is a national aid program established in 2009 by the Imagine America Foundation that offers a one-time grant — provided through the Imagine America Foundation — to qualified adult students planning to attend a participating career college.


Programs in several growing areas are enrolling now at approximately 400 career colleges that are proud partners of the Imagine America Foundation! Nontraditional students choosing to pursue a career education may receive a $1,000 tuition grant to attend an Imagine America-participating ASEP school of their choice through our adult college grants.


We understand the challenges many adult students face when they make the brave decision to seek career training. In fact, a recent study showed that many adults were reluctant to go back to school because they felt they needed support with financial decisions and burdens. More than 80 percent of respondents listed tuition and fees as challenges. That's why we urge every adult who wants to find scholarships for career training to apply for our ASEP grants today.

All adult students applying to our career college scholarship programs must complete a student assessment provided by the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT). NCCT researchers have identified characteristics of successful nontraditional students and used those characteristics to design this cutting-edge assessment. Once the application is completed, all information will be forwarded to the corresponding career college for review.

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How can adult students benefit from Imagine America?
Honestly, it's never too late to pursue the career training you really want. Whether you are a few years out of high school or a seasoned professional ready to change tracks, we can help you through several steps of your new journey.

Become a member and download our mobile app
It only takes a few minutes to create your login and profile to become an Imagine America member. What's more — it's completely FREE. You can also download our mobile app to keep an eye on your scholarship to career college application, get important alerts and access all the resources you can find on our website.

The road to success
No matter what phase of your journey you're in, you can benefit from our easy-to-follow Road Map to Student Success. It lays out helpful steps on how to:

  • Choose a career college or vocational training
  • Develop strong study habits
  • Get through the sometimes-challenging financial aid process
  • Prepare for interviews and professional success

Ongoing support for working professionals
Many recipients of scholarships to career and technical colleges are the only people they know who are going back to school. It's rare that two best friends or family members decide to attend the same career college program. That's why we offer a level of support that you may not have at home. With your Imagine America app and membership, you always have a place to check in for motivation and job resources.

Apply for scholarships using our mobile app!

IAF app delivers tools & resources perfect for students of all ages, high school counselors, career college and university college admins. Matching your school with scholarships opportunities, applying and checking application status has never been easier.