Jobs for Diesel Technicians: Locomotion

Jobs for Diesel Technicians: Locomotion

Diesel mechanics are trained for working on more than just trucks—including locomotives

You’re well aware that diesel fuels transportation. But you might not be aware that diesel isn’t just for big rigs. In fact, trains have been powered by diesel engines for nearly a century.

And for those who want to pursue a hands-on career, especially one that involves locomotive technology, becoming a diesel technician who works on trains could be just the ticket!

Training for Trains

Trains help transport people across town and across the country—and diesel engines make it all happen with greater efficiency and reliability than many automobiles, and with lower operations costs than steam locomotives.

But trains are for more than just riding the rail! Locomotives are used to transport materials and manufactured goods nationwide every single day, making them a critical part of supply chains and a wide range of industries.

And all those locomotives depend on diesel mechanics and technicians who are trained to build, maintain, and repair them.

Training for Anything

Diesel trains can be particularly critical for rural or far-flung areas that are more difficult to access by car, and for transporting heavy equipment, large shipments, volatile or sensitive materials, or even livestock. These locomotives can also make it possible to transport these things (or people) without having to worry about highway traffic, air traffic, or weight limits.

All of that requires, of course, experienced diesel mechanics and technicians to ensure that the trains are running smoothly and running on time—no matter what happens.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that close to 14,000 diesel service technician and mechanic jobs will be added across the country between 2018 and 2028, meaning that diesel technology jobs are expected to grow about 5% over those ten years. Diesel technicians and mechanics, in a variety of roles and industries, can also expect to earn an above-average salary: They earned annual median pay of $48,500—or hourly wages of more than $23 per hour—in 2019, according to BLS data.

Do you think you have what it takes to build, maintain, and repair diesel locomotives?

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