New Workforce Trends and their Impact on HVAC Careers

There is no doubt the world is changing rapidly, and the field of HVAC is changing right along with it. Whether it’s new types of businesses that need HVAC work, or new technology that innovates the field, finding quality training programs is always the key to success for aspiring technicians. The nice thing for many professionals is the ability to start working for a company, or take on an apprenticeship, which can set you up for many types of careers. Some students want to be their own boss some day and start their own HVAC business too. We think that’s great! And we’re here to support our HVAC students no matter where their career goals lead.

If you aren’t already an Imagine America Foundation career college scholarship recipient, you should check out our partner schools that offer HVAC programs. This could be your opportunity to earn up to $1,000 towards your tuition and fees at one of our participating programs. No matter where you are in your interest in HVAC or training, take a look at how the changes in our modern workforce may impact your HVAC career...

A recent article published by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) talk about the growth of future job opportunities for HVAC techs. Not only are there a growing number of jobs on the horizon, according to projections, but the types of HVAC jobs will remain diverse. For instance, the AARP reports discusses the overall growth of freelance workers, and those who work from home. While HVAC techs have always worked within commercial and residential settings, perhaps there will be more home businesses that need servicing. This might not change the nature of the repair work, it might change the way you interact with customers. For instance, the average homeowner might not have high expectations for professionalism, as long as you’re friendly, fair and complete the job. But, if you find yourself visiting homes where customers are working in their professional roles, you should make sure you are at the top of your game.


What does this mean? It means that having fix-it skills in today’s workforce isn’t enough. You need to always be clean and presentable, show respect and treat everyone you deal with in a respectful way, and don’t fall into the trap of sharing your personal or political views with folks. This kind of advice might seem obvious to you, but it’s never a bad thing to be reminded to be on your best behavior. When you choose an HVAC program, as your instructors and advisors if they include job interview tips, as well as curriculum that includes professional advice.

Another big change in the technology HVAC technicians work with involves renewable energy, and energy efficient units. As the way we consume energy changes, look for innovations in HVAC technology. For the past several years, we’ve seen the build-up in this trend. We’ve started seeing cool tech, such as large scale rooftop solar collectors and geothermal heat pumps, we’re excited to see what’s next in the field!

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