Online Study Tools Career College Students Can Use

With fall just around the corner, it’s a good time to start talking about online tools you can use to keep up with your studies. Of course, you need more than study aids to be successful in online courses. You also need to be motivated to set time aside and focus on your studies — almost every day. That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours every single day. But if you consistently set time aside to review materials and study your current lessons, you’ll go a long way toward succeeding in school.


With more schools offering online courses, even in hands-on career paths, it’s important to familiarize yourself with tools and resources that can enhance your ability to learn. Check out these sites/tools that can help students maximize their online learning potential.

  1. In many career college programs, students are required to take basic math, science and other courses that are common foundational topics students need to build on. This website offers millions of study materials and also allows students to create their own. If you’re wondering how you’ll ever remember all those bones or muscle groups in anatomy, now you have a place to get started!
  2. iStudiez Pro. This app is great for students who need to get organized! It makes it simple to keep your schedule of classes, homework assignments and personal life all in one place.
  3. Google Hangouts. With this simple tool, study groups can meet from anywhere to quiz each other and keep up with the latest assignments together. It makes it much easier for students with children or those who live in rural areas to stay in tune with their classmates.
  4. Essay Lab. This online learning guide can help you with your essay assignments. Many students have great ideas and strong opinions but struggle to get them down on paper. Now you don’t have to stress about writing assignments, and you can even take advantage of many other learning tools available on
  5. This website is specifically tailored to help students maximize their learning potential. When you learn in your hands-on or clinical courses, it’s important to engage with your professors. But when you’re navigating textbook materials or studying for a classroom exam, that’s when websites like this come in handy.

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