Institutional Scholarship Program or Imagine America Scholarships?

Providing scholarships to your students is a great way to support them on their educational journey, but running your own scholarship program is no simple task. If it sounds like biting off more than you can chew, the Imagine America Foundation is here to help! IAF offers three amazing scholarship programs to our partnership institutions. Here are three big areas to consider when deciding whether to start and manage your own scholarship:


To offer scholarship funding, you’ve got to have funds! Ensuring the availability of scholarship money for each award term is foundational to offering a scholarship. But there’s more cost to managing a program than just the disbursement awards: there are plenty of administrative costs to the organization. Save your institution the cost of managing your own scholarship program and partner with IAF!


Determining the criteria for eligibility, creating an application process, selecting the recipients, and arranging for the disbursement of funds are all details that will need to be established and clearly communicated, both to potential applicants and to staff and other stakeholders involved in the process. Let IAF’s experienced scholarship administrators take care of all these details—and more—on your behalf!


Managing any kind of program takes time—and scholarships are no different. Keeping track of the funding and the logistics—ensuring the continued operation of an institutional scholarship program—often falls to a school’s financial aid department or even to just one administrative employee. IAF can save your office hours and hours of time and still allow you to offer your students a $1,000 discount on their tuition.

Contact us today to find out how you can become a valuable partner institution of the Imagine America Foundation—and offer your students three great scholarship programs!

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