How IAF Helps Market Your School

Deciding where and how to market your school can feel like it’s easier said than done: with so many different avenues and platforms to choose from, it can quickly get exhausting trying to make the most out of your institution’s marketing budget. But we’re here to help! The Imagine America Foundation has a wide network of partner organizations eager to help their members find information about schools: all you have to do is sign up with us and we’ll put you in touch with high school counselors, workforce development boards, and veterans affairs offices all over the country.

Maybe you’re short on time, or maybe your marketing dollars just aren’t going as far as you’d like. We all know, especially in this day and age—when there are endless places to promote your school online, how easy it can be to focus your energy in one direction, while great opportunities slip by somewhere else. Instead of starting from scratch to come up with a new plan of action, connect with IAF and let us do some of the leg work for you! We have already established relationships with so many great organizations who are trying every day to connect their members with schools like yours. These stakeholders are already invested in helping prospective students start their next chapter of success. Let us add you to our database of partner schools so you can benefit from these connections!

As a partner with IAF, we will promote your school to the organizations in your local community. We send out lists of schools and their valuable career training programs to counselors and boards so they can let prospective students know where they can go back to school. We’ll include you in these important lists every month for an entire year! We want to add you to the directories that we’re delivering to people who are already receptive to and eager for career training program information they can share with prospective students.

Don’t delay! Contact the Imagine America Foundation today to become a partner institution and start getting the attention of high school counselors, workforce development boards, and veterans affairs offices in your enrollment areas—as soon as this month!

Contact us today to find out how to get started this month!