Financial Aid Loves IAF

The Imagine America Foundation knows you and your team are busy helping provide your students with the career training they need, and your financial aid department is no different. Don’t add more work to your financial aid team’s plate by having the manage a bunch of scholarship applications; partner with us instead!

IAF offers an easy-to-use turn-key scholarship solution. Rely on us to provide your financial aid department with finished scholarship applications that are ready for final packaging. All you have to do is wait!

You know that students love finding new scholarships that will help them finish school with a little less debt, and your financial aid department will love the simplicity of our scholarship application process. Let IAF do all the legwork managing the funding, application process, and disbursement of our three incredible scholarship and award programs. We strive to make this process as seamless as possible for our schools, and the response to this program has been exceptionally positive. Financial aid departments at career education institutions nationwide are thrilled to have IAF scholarship applications delivered straight to their offices.

We’ll help high school seniors, active and honorably discharged military personnel, and adult learners apply for our college scholarships and education grants—and then offer the awardees a $1,000 discount on their tuition at your school. We offer thousands of these awards every year to students all across the country, and we expect this year to be our best one yet! All you need to do is register with IAF to become a partner school so your prospective students know our scholarship is available for your programs! We’ll take care of the rest of the logistics so that you can focus on the other facets of providing your students a great career training program.

We even have a handy mobile app designed to help you check application statuses, so you can touch base with our system on the go. It’s available for free download to Apple and Android devices alike; we hope you’ll check it out right away!

Don’t wait another week to see how easy we make the IAF scholarship programs for students and financial aid staff alike! Contact us know to find out how you can become a partnership institution with IAF and start offering our college scholarship and education grant programs at your school!

Contact us today to find out how to get started this month!