Can a $1,000 tuition reduction really increase my start rate?

Students who are awarded scholarship funds to attend school are often more likely to enroll in a higher education program, stay in school, and graduate. Our friends at Wonderlic conducted a study that showed that our scholarship awardees have an 80% higher start rate than those students were not awarded an IAF scholarship! That number is too impressive to ignore!

As we see time and again in the higher education industry, the cost of returning to school is often a major barrier to a student’s decision to continue their education and start a career training program. Affording school can be hard, especially when you’re hoping to start a new career.

But there are ways to help your prospective students overcome that obstacle, and the Imagine America Foundation is here to help! We offer students a $1,000 discount on tuition through three different college scholarship and education grant programs, and that funding could be available to your students, too, as a partnership institution with IAF!

Our scholarship programs and education grants are designed to help high school seniors, active and honorably discharged military personnel, and adult learners. We grant these awards to thousands of students every year, all across the country, so they can enroll in the training program of their choice at our partner schools—and the students who receive this tuition benefit are much more likely to actually start their program after enrollment.

Prospective students are looking every day to find the right school and the right program at the right cost. Help them find what they’re looking for by partnering with IAF to help give them the resources and the scholarship benefits that could be the turning point for them. We want to help you reach the students who will most benefit by your career training programs—and to help you ensure they can affordably start the next phase of their education journey.

Contact us today to find out how you can offer your prospective students a $1,000 discount on their tuition—and help encourage them to make the commitment to start school during your next enrollment cycle!

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