Don’t lose an enrollment over $1,000!

Making the decision to enroll in school comes with all kinds of things to consider, and the Imagine America Foundation offers support to students and prospective students in a variety of ways as they embark on that journey. One way we do that is by helping them overcome what is often the biggest hurdle they face: paying for school.

Pursuing an education can feel very expensive, especially when you’re going to school in order to prepare for a new career path. But there are many resources available to help, and IAF is proud to offer one of them. When a student is going through the admissions process and they discuss the cost of their program with the school, the financial aid department will determine what federal assistance is available for the student. Often the aid programs leave a financial gap that the student needs to bridge with a loan or other private financing.

That moment of sticker shock can be the point at which a student decides not to enroll. Taking out a private loan can mean a monthly payment that’s more than the student can afford; higher immediate costs can feel insurmountable and that may make the decision to enroll in school more difficult.

Schools who have partnered with IAF can offer our scholarship and award programs, which decrease the amount a student would need to borrow by $1,000. That can make all the difference! With a smaller gap to bridge between the federal financial aid for which a prospective student is eligible (and smaller monthly payments for the loan they’d need to complete their education funding package), the decision to continue with the enrollment process and attend school can seem much more manageable.

IAF offers three scholarship and award options for students enrolling in career training programs: one for recent high school graduates, one for active and honorably discharged military personnel, and one for adult students pursuing a new career path. All three scholarship and award programs are worth $1,000 per student and are awarded to thousands of deserving students every year.

We hope you will contact us to find out how to become an IAF partner institution! As one of our partners, you’ll be able to offer your students a great opportunity to lower the cost of their education and ensure they have all the resources they need to continue their education. Email us today to get started.

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