The Highest Paying Trade School Jobs in Health Sciences

The Highest Paying Trade School Jobs in Health Sciences

The United States is currently facing a huge shortage in skilled, licensed healthcare workers. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the U.S. will need to hire more than 2.3 million healthcare workers by 2025 in order to take care of our aging population. More specifically, the United States will be short 446,300 home health aides, 98,700 medical and lab technicians, 95,000 nursing assistants, and 29,400 nurse practitioners in 2025.


While these numbers are scary, the good news is there is a great solution to solving this problem: career technical and vocational schools. Becoming a home health aide, nursing assistant, or medical technician requires less time in school than earning a traditional degree before finding a job in your industry. Career technical schools can be great places to receive the training and certification preparation needed to make this happen.

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Below is a list of the highest-paying trade jobs in the health sciences field for those who hold an associate degree. Check it out!

Top 5 Highest Paying Trade School Jobs in Health Sciences

1. Dental Hygienist

Average salary: $74,100 annually


Dental hygienists clean and examine their patients’ teeth at dental offices. They work under the supervision of a dentist to help their patients improve or maintain their dental hygiene. A dental hygienist can also take x-rays of teeth and provide preventative care.


Dental hygienists are enjoying a projected employment growth rate of 20% over the next ten years, much higher than the average for all occupations, according to the BLS. In order to obtain a job as a dental hygienist, you must hold an associate degree in dental hygiene and a license in this field.


2. Radiation Therapist

Average salary: $69,504 annually


A radiation therapist works in a hospital setting to help doctors and oncologists administer radiation therapy. They are the frontline of radiation treatment and work closely with their patients, offering explanation and care throughout the treatment process. Radiation therapists are also in charge of keeping detailed notes about the treatment and the patient’s reaction to it.


The field of radiation therapy is growing at a fast rate, and the BLS is expecting 13% growth through the year 2026.


3. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Average salary: $55,106 annually


A diagnostic medical sonographer takes ultrasound pictures for patients, typically in a medical office or hospital. They are in charge of prepping patients for the procedure, reviewing images, and interpreting them with doctors. They are also in charge of maintaining the medical machines they use.


The projected growth for diagnostic medical sonographer jobs through the year 2026 is 17%, according to the BLS. And take note: this field reports a high level of job satisfaction throughout the county.


4.Licensed Practical Nurse

Average salary: $47,631 annually


Becoming a licensed practical nurse, or LPN, is a great way to enter the medical field without spending years and years on education. The number of LPN jobs is expected to grow at a higher-than-average rate of 16% over the next ten years, which means there could be many job openings to fill once you graduate.


As an LPN, you may work at a school, office, hospital, home, or business to provide basic healthcare and training to those in need. It is also an LPN’s job to work with doctors and nurses to provide the best care possible for their patients. Becoming a licensed practical nurse is a great first step on the journey to becoming a nurse or other type of medical service provider.


5. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

Average salary: $40,350 annually


Medical records and health information technicians are more commonly referred to as health information techs. They work in medical offices and hospitals to organize patient information and manage a variety of health information data. They are in charge of managing both paper and electronic data and use a system of codes and categories in order to perform their job duties.


They play a crucial role in patient care, especially when it comes to a variety of doctors needing to communicate with each other in order to coordinate prompt and proper patient treatment. The field of medical records and health information technicians is expected to grow at a faster-than-average rate of 13% over the next six years, according to the BLS.

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