Is business administration a good major?

Is business administration a good major?

Is business administration a good major? For years, a degree in business administration was the best way to break into a legitimate business career. Recently though, the waters have been muddied with graduates and hiring companies saying that more specialized degrees, like accounting or finance, are a better way to attract attention in the job market.

The thinking here is that candidates with specialized degrees show more passion for business given that they know exactly what area of the professional world they want to work in. In other words, they aren’t sorting out their area of interest with a general business administration degree.

But this school of thought is a failed one. A degree in business administration does not mean you don’t know where you want to make an impact. In fact, these degrees can lead you to a quicker entry to the business world than a specialized degree, and give you a broader way to impact the company that eventually hires you – unless you use the degree to start your own organization. And, you can be on your way to earning a business administration salary as well.

Why is business administration a good major?

The question of is business administration a good major - is easy to answer. Yes, it is … and here’s why:

  • Start your career faster – Most people fail to realize how varied a career in business can be. When you pursue a business administration major, you are exposed to the elements that make organizations function effectively and efficiently behind the scenes. This concept alone means that a business major can allow graduates to apply their skills and the other knowledge they’ve gained to practically any industry.
  • Broad-based learning – A program focused on business administration offers students a broad overview of important concepts related to the business world. Common business theories take center stage as learners are taught how they apply in the real world. Of course, a general degree in business allow the specialization that some targeted degrees do (such as in finance or accounting), but that doesn’t make it any less valuable.
  • Versatility – Essentially, what makes a business administration degree good is in fact its general nature. Graduates benefit from the degree’s versatility and application to the real world. A specialized degree will lock you into certain segment of the business world. But business administration can help your career get a fast start since what you learned will be applicable in many different industries. This can be a tremendous asset after graduation when you take your first real steps toward finding business administration jobs.
  • Pathway to management – If you’re already part of the working world and looking to go back to school, a business administration degree coupled with your previous work experience can lead you to a position in management. This degree will allow you to focus your skills while strengthening your resume with added education.
  • Value – Yahoo! Education still ranks business as the top area of study for students looking for added value upon graduation. Business degrees, such as a business administration program, ranked number one for return on investment in the form of higher salaries in the marketplace. Positions in finance, accounting, and international business have particularly high entry-level median incomes. Of course, every person’s experience will vary based on their geographic location, amount of experience and other factors.


  • Online learning opportunities – Business administration degrees online are easy to find, especially if you are on the go in your current career. These degrees can be pursued in conjunction with your busy work schedule give that courses and homework can be completed on laptops and other mobile devices. This route is extremely popular for students hoping to attain a bachelor of business administration For business administration management, it’s best to find a program where at least half the coursework is offered in a classroom environment where you can engage your instructor directly and learn closely from other students.

Don’t fall into the trap that says broad-based majors aren’t a solid decision. Once you are enrolled in this program, you’ll realize why it’s important to know the basics and how applicable they are to so many parts of the corporate world. So the next time someone asks you - is business administration a good major? You can show them this article!

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