Thoughts About College Are Changing

Thoughts About College Are Changing

For many years, the prevailing path of choice for graduating high school students has been to attend a traditional university for a four-year degree. This education is expected to prepare students for a career in their industry of choice, but it often doesn’t give them the hands-on training they need for a job right out of school—or to prepare them for the career they really want.

But the times, they are a-changing. As education becomes increasingly digital and more adults are pursuing continuing education through certificate and even non-certificate programs, it’s become much more acceptable to think of postsecondary education as a journey well outside the walls of a four-year degree program.

Traditional Route

While that traditional degree route is still the right choice for some, enrollment decisions really come down to each student’s own skills, resources, and vision for the future. According to Degree Query, 30% of students worldwide only go to a four-year college because they think it’s the natural next step. And 23% only go because they think it’s what’s expected of them. There are better options out there for many students—and career training is one of them!

Career Colleges

When students decide to pursue a career training program, they’re likely to finish their program more quickly—and to be prepared at graduation for the certification and licensure exams they need to start working right away, whether in the medical or technology fields or in areas like business or the arts.

Changing Opinions

High school counselors, too, are more receptive to guiding students to the program that makes the most sense for them. They’re less likely to assume a traditional university is the path of choice for every student and to make recommendations for career paths more in line with the students’ current skill sets and immediate aspirations . . . instead of what they think they might want to do five years from now.

Imagine America Foundation Promotes Career Colleges!

The Imagine America Foundation has seen a steady increase in the number of scholarship and award program applications we receive, indicating that more and more guidance counselors are supporting their students in pursuing career training.

We have a robust network of high school guidance counselors who are eager to learn more about the programs and career paths available to their students. As an IAF member institution, we want to share information about your school with counselors in your area and nationwide to help them understand the benefits your programs can offer their high school seniors. From our monthly directory listings to our new webinar series—not to mention all the curated resources we maintain on our website—we want to help you start a conversation with high school counselors.

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