Communicate with high school students the way they want to: on their phones!

The world runs on apps! The Imagine America Foundation understands the importance of an optimized mobile experience for students, counselors, school administrators, and marketers alike. And that’s why we developed the IAF mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

Using the app to get (and stay!) in touch with prospective students is especially important when you want to communicate with high school students. Younger students don’t often rely on computers to check and send messages, research schools and career paths, or find resources to help plan their postsecondary education journey. They’d rather just use their phone. And who can blame them? Or you for that matter! The convenience of a dedicated app is why we’ve had more than 10,000 downloads since our launch, and it sees more than 30,000 impressions every month.

Students can check out many of our most appreciated features right from their pocket:

Scholarship and Award Programs

One of our most valued benefits is the IAF scholarship and award programs. This $1,000 tuition discount is offered to eligible high school seniors, adult learners, and military personnel attending our partner institutions. As an IAF member, your students can apply for these programs to help make continuing their education more affordable!

Financial Planning Made Simple

IAF’s Financial Planning Made Simple video tutorial helps students understand some of the biggest financial considerations that they should be making when paying for school. Investing in your education is important, and we want to help you make responsible borrowing decisions.

Recommended Colleges

Search for schools by location or program type! Our in-app search tool can help you find campuses in your area (or online institutions) that offer your program of interest. Learn about the types of degrees available, admissions requirements, and more.

Job Information

Our in-app jobs resource offers career summary information. We don’t share just the most common duties and tasks you’re likely to perform, but also the national median salary and job growth outlook (as estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics) and typical education and training requirements.

Download our app for free on your iOS or Android device! And contact Lee Doubleday for information about becoming one of our valued advertising partners or to see how you can contact high school counselors and prospective students directly through our app: 571.267.3015 or