HVAC Key Trade Skill for Workforce

We are excited to see what the future holds for all of our Imagine America scholarship recipients. As you know, the number one goal of a career college is helping students train for their next job as quickly as possible. Even with growth in such areas as healthcare and information technology (IT), we are betting on a bright future for students who have trade skills, such as HVAC. After all, every healthcare facility, computers environment, and almost every type of job environment requires some form of HVAC to function.

Our best resource for HVAC data is the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which is the government’s hub for career information. There, you can find salary, job growth, “what they do” information, and other useful insight. So when they project a 14% growth in jobs between 2014-2024, that’s reason enough to take this path seriously – if you’re good with your hands. Just to give you some perspective, the average growth rate for all occupations in the U.S. is around 7%.

As a heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration tech, you will hook up and maintain systems. They can work in schools, make home repairs, or specialist in restaurants, or other types of businesses. Most of these jobs are full-time, with about 10% of HVAC techs working for themselves. What’s more, the BLS says that HVAC technicians made $45,910 per year in 2016. Of course, your salary will depend on type of company you work for, experience, city you live in, etc.

In today’s complex world of technology and computers, HVAC isn’t getting less complicated either. That’s why you should look into local programs, if you aren’t already an Imagine American scholarship recipient. They can typically be completed in as little as six months or a bit more. Be sure to check out our schools who may be offer programs in your area.

If you are in an HVAC program, you’ll want to keep up with these weekly alerts, and be sure to check out our financial aid tips, Student Roadmap for Success, and other resources to make your training a success. These tools can help you figure out ways to juggle your training and personal responsibilities, while staying motivated to meet your goal. Thanks again for taking an interest in pursuing a new career. If you love working with your hands, have mechanical skills, and think HVAC would be a cool career – we’re ready to do whatever we can to help you succeed!

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