Should I go back to school for IT?

Should I go back to school for IT?

In today’s world, information technology may not seem like its own separate industry. After all, most of us must have at least a certain aptitude or be a little tech savvy in order to do many of today’s jobs. And as millennials continue building their careers and we welcome Generation Z to the workforce, more and more of our employees can be considered digital natives—those who have always had internet connectivity and who have grown up with digital programs and devices.

But whether or not you can remember a more analog world, having a formal education in information technology can help your career grow leaps and bounds beyond the opportunities you might expect if you’re pursuing an IT career with experience alone.

A look at salary potential

There are plenty of studies out there showing the difference in salary potential depending on whether you have a high school diploma, an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, or an advanced degree. But let’s take a look at IT jobs specifically, according to

Jobs that require an associate of applied science in information technology pay an average salary of $56,000, according to PayScale, while jobs that require a bachelor’s degree in information technology have an average salary of $63,000. Meanwhile, information technology assistants with no degree earn average annual wages of $39,826.

Considering growth opportunities

It’s not all about the money, though! In addition to higher earning potential, a degree can help you find additional job opportunities, possible promotions, and new career avenues. Having a certificate or degree can give you chances that you might miss without formal education under your belt.

And with better titles, more interesting work, and advanced opportunities, IT professionals with degrees are also more likely to find work that is personally satisfying and enjoyable. If you’ve ever had a job you dreaded, you know there is nothing better than job satisfaction!

Going back to school for IT

Whether you’re beginning your first career, considering a career change, or looking to advance your current IT career, a certificate or degree program in the information technology field can help you achieve your goals.

And with the availability of online programs, part-time programs, and other schooling options, it has never been easier to find career training that can adapt to your schedule. No need to worry about quitting your job, missing family obligations, or giving up your other responsibilities.

Ready to find the IT program that’s right for you? The Imagine America Foundation has some great partner schools that offer a variety of programs nationwide and online. Use our handy online database to find the best program for you!

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