Why Should I Choose a Business Administration Degree?

Why Should I Choose a Business Administration Degree?

The list of business programs you can major in is rather lengthy: accounting, finance, international business, to name a few. So with all these areas of specialty, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why should I choose a business administration degree?”

Today’s corporations are looking to hire go-getters who know the goals they want to obtain as professionals, once they get their big break in the form of a first job. A graduate with a degree that sounds general, on the surface, might not seem like the best option for impressing your future employer with your drive and enthusiasm.

But don’t write off a business administration degree just yet. It turns out that business administration often offers a more direct path to employment than other types of degrees. Why? Here are a few factors that explain the appeal of these programs:

Why business administration degrees are still worth the investment

  • Understanding the basics — A business administration major is exposed to all types of business concepts and is familiar with a variety of strategies and situations that students in specialized majors may not encounter. With such a broad understanding of business basics, you can work for more types of companies and make a greater impact, right away. Graduates sometimes choose to pursue a career in disciplines such as marketing, operations or administration work.
  • Working for yourself — While other specialty majors help you become well versed in one area of business, what they often never address is the concept of entrepreneurship. A business administration degree will provide you with a background on the basics of operating a business, which in turn many graduates use to found and operate their own businesses. The comprehensive subjects you’ll be taught can create a strong foundation for budding entrepreneurs.
  • A career in HR — If you aspire to work in Human Resources, then look no further than this degree path. The sheer variety of subjects addressed throughout this program are well suited for the HR field. Upon graduation, you’ll be intricately familiar with the hiring process and understand topics such as employee conflict management.
  • Prepared for management — By developing a broad range of skills, you’ll be set to take on a business administration management position in many different industries. Managers are often expected to understand all areas of the business, including employee supervision and finance. In the current job market, employers are searching for employees with the potential to contribute in multiple areas of the business — or who at least have an awareness of how their work can impact the rest of the company. This is especially vital in a management role, where the decisions being made impact a company’s entire operations.
  • Ready to make sales — Imparting such useful abilities as communication skills and marketing techniques, this educational path will make you well versed to handle many sales situations. Solid grounding in these principles will come from business administration classes, helping you become a highly effective salesperson.

Many business administration schools offer this major in a variety of degree levels (associate, bachelor’s and master’s.) Each program provides students with a range of critical skills for today’s business realm. Of course, the higher the degree level, the greater the depth and breadth of skills being taught. Students can always begin with an associate degree and pursue further education if they so desire.

Without question, a business administration degree offers a broad range of skills that graduates can apply in a variety of different career paths. You can use this flexibility to move into many different areas of business operations and get a jump on your professional business career.

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