Can I get a bachelor’s degree online?

Can I get a bachelor’s degree online?

If you’re spending a little more time at home than usual these days, you may be considering ways to put that extra time to use. You may be wondering - Can I get a bachelor's degree online? And if you’ve been thinking about going back to school, this may actually be the perfect time to enroll in a postsecondary program and get started—right from your own home.

Continuing your education, whether through a distance learning program or an on-campus one, is always going to be a time commitment, but the beauty of online programs is that you can tailor the schedule to your own needs, work at your own pace, and get all of your work done without leaving the house. This is an especially great benefit if you’re working part-time or full-time, have a family to care for, or have other responsibilities.

Not Just For Certificate Programs

Some prospective students may think that online programs are just for shorter-term outcomes, such as certificates or diplomas. While those may be more commonly pursued online than a typical four-year degree, there are plenty of bachelor’s degree options for distance learning.

In fact, many bachelor’s degree programs can be completed 100% online without any on-campus or in-person requirements. These are typically limited to programs of study in the information technology or business fields—for degrees related to topics like computing and programming, cyber security, accounting, business administration, or graphic design.

But if you were hoping for a more hands-on career, such as a path in the health sciences or in the arts, online degree options are often still available. In these cases, you may find that the degree is offered as a hybrid program. That is, some elements and requirements can be completed online, but you’ll need to attend certain courses, labs, or trainings in an on-campus environment. If you’re planning to become a nurse, for instance, there is plenty you can accomplish toward your goal without being in a physical classroom—but at some point, you’ll need to get training for actually interacting with patients or other medical professionals.

Getting Started

With an online bachelor’s degree, you don’t necessarily have to rush. There may be some time limits, of course, depending on the school you attend and any applicable program- or field-specific requirements. But in most cases, pursuing your bachelor’s degree online means that you can take each course at your own pace—and that you won’t need to panic if you can’t follow a strict schedule.

As an online bachelor’s student, you can decide when to watch lectures, when to complete reading assignments, when to finish your homework, and even when to take your exams. In an unpredictable world filled with other duties and obligations, this is a priceless asset to have as you prepare for a new career.

In conclusion

Whether you’ve been thinking about a bachelor’s degree for a while, have just been considering a new career path, or have had a sudden change in career circumstances, taking advantage of the time you have available now to attend school could be a great investment in your future.

Many career training schools offer more frequent start times than the traditional spring and fall semesters, so you may be able to start much sooner than you think. And with the ability to work ahead if you choose to, you could also finish your degree much sooner than you might expect.

Ready to find the perfect online bachelor’s degree program for you? We work with a robust network of dedicated partner schools who offer a variety of career training options for prospective students just like you!

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