Should I Become an Industrial Maintenance Technician?

Should I Become an Industrial Maintenance Technician?

If you’ve ever enjoyed taking apart small appliances, putting things back together again, or just figuring out how things work, becoming an industrial maintenance technician could be a great career opportunity for you.

Many industries rely on large and industrial machinery to process, manufacture, package, construct, or power—and that machinery relies on skilled technicians who can install, maintain, and repair it. Particularly with a continued nationwide focus on green or renewable energy, jobs for industrial maintenance techs are expected to grow in order to support power plants and solar power systems.

Here’s what you need to know about working as an industrial maintenance technician:

What Do Industrial Maintenance Technicians Do?

Industrial maintenance techs maintain and repair industrial machinery, factory equipment, and other large machines. Such machinery, including production machinery and packaging equipment, often requires very specific maintenance schedules and specifications.

That’s why techs must be detail-oriented, physically capable, and mechanically inclined. They’ll need to read and understand technical manuals and instructions in order to ensure everything continues running smoothly and efficiently.

Many industrial maintenance technicians work in manufacturing, trade, and construction. Some may work only in indoor environments, while others spend some or all of their time outdoors on work sites. They typically work during standard business hours, though overtime and time on-call (such as in the evenings and on the weekends) can be common.

How Much Do Industrial Maintenance Techs Earn?

Earnings for industrial maintenance techs will vary depending on where you work, who you work for, and how much experience you have. But no matter where you work, job prospects for industrial machinery mechanics, machinery maintenance workers, and millwrights are expected to be good. Employment is projected to grow 13% over the next ten years, which is much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

According to nationwide 2020 data from the BLS, industrial machinery mechanics, machinery maintenance workers, and millwrights earned annual median salaries of nearly $55,000—or hourly wages of more than $26. Of these workers, the lowest-paid 10% earned less than $35,000. The highest-paid 10%, meanwhile, earned upwards of $81,000.

How Can I Become an Industrial Maintenance Technician?

The best way to become and industrial maintenance tech is to go to school for it. There are hands-on training programs that can help you learn the skills and know-how you’ll need to find entry-level work—and often all in a manner of months.

If you are ready to find a training program to help you become an industrial maintenance tech, the Imagine America Foundation is proud to partner with a robust network of schools who offer just such career and technical education programs all across the country. Search for one near you today!

And be sure to register with us so you can apply for our scholarship programs, which give qualified students a $1,000 discount on their tuition at our member schools!

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