Triangle Tech: An Imagine America Partner for 20 Years

The Imagine America Foundation (IAF) is extremely fortunate to have great member institutions who partner with us. These schools are eager to find the prospective students they are best equipped to support—and we’re honored to help them.

As we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of our scholarship and award programs, we are taking a look the schools that have been with us since the beginning.

Founded in 1944, Triangle Tech now has six locations throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Each campus features experienced instructors and the latest technology to help students prepare for careers in fields like carpentry and construction, welding and fabrication, and refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (RHVAC).

No One Trains You Like Triangle Tech

With 75 years of experience in career training, Triangle Tech is determined to support students at every step of the way. Named one of Forbes’ Top 30 Two-Year Trade Schools, they have found great success in preparing students for important jobs.

In addition to shorter-than-average program completion times, committed instructors, and modern facilities, Triangle Tech offers free repeat privileges, free refresher privileges, and continuous career services. These important advantages give students the opportunity to repeat courses for free if they receive a failing grade, allowing them to learn the skills they need without incurring a bunch of extra fees. Graduates are also able to refresh their skills with updated or new technology by reviewing courses they’ve already taken.

The career advising department at Triangle Tech also provides services for each student from enrollment to graduation and beyond. Every student is assigned a personal career advisor, who helps them define their career goals, develop their résumé, prepare for the job search, and get ready to ace their interviews. These career services are available to current students as well as graduates to ensure long-term career success.


Since the Imagine America Foundation started the scholarship and award programs in 1999, thousands of students have been supported with millions of dollars’ worth of tuition discounts nationwide. At Triangle Tech alone, more than 3,500 students have enrolled with financial help from IAF’s programs.

“The Imagine America scholarship and award programs help many Triangle Tech students achieve their dream careers,” says Tim McMahon, president of Triangle Tech. “Without the support of Imagine America, most of these students would not be able to enroll.”

I chose Triangle Tech because of their reputation for the quality of the graduates they put into the field.

Robert Frank

Robert Frank - Awarded IAF Adult Scholarship to Triangle Tech
Being able to learn something I'm truly passionate about makes going to school every day very easy.

Matthew Bizzare

Matthew Bizzare - Awarded IAF Military Scholarship to Triangle Tech
The teachers at Triangle Tech are dedicated to the success of their students.

Thomas Renwick

Thomas Renwick - Awarded IAF High School Scholarship to Triangle Tech
I looked at several schools and found that Triangle Tech met all my needs for my education needs, including course length, cost, and course content.

Michael Jury

Michael Jury - Awarded IAF Scholarship to Triangle Tech


Triangle Tech offers 16-month associate in specialized technology degree programs. Each program offers hands-on training using industry-relevant technology and equipment to help prepare students for real-world job opportunities after graduation. These fields are critical across many industries, and those industries need skilled workers who can get the job done.

CADD with Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Technology

Graduates of this program know how to use CADD (computer-aided design and drafting) technology, drafting principles and fundamentals, manufacturing processes, mechanical and electrical systems, cost estimating, and job communications, specifications, and technical writing. They’re trained to become professionals who can turn concepts into precise drawings—and they’re prepared to hold jobs like entry-level drafters, CADD operators, and specification writers.

Maintenance Electricity & Construction Technology

By learning about residential wiring, electric lighting, power distribution, conduit installation, cost estimating, and more, graduates of this program are prepared to succeed as residential, commercial, or industrial electricians. Triangle Tech includes a special emphasis on becoming adept at the skills that are needed outside of electrical services: troubleshooting, estimating costs, coordinating with other tradespeople on projects are all essential to succeeding in the industry.

Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Technology

The RHVAC program is a great opportunity to gain the skills students need to become RHVAC technicians in both residential and commercial environments. Students learn about the refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems—including how they work, how to troubleshoot issues, how to read blueprints and controls, and how to estimate costs. Students get to combine hands-on training with the theory of how these complex systems operate.

Carpentry & Construction Technology

For students who are interested in becoming entry-level carpentry and construction technicians in either residential or commercial environments, this program helps them get the skills they need. Using both tried-and-true craftsmanship traditions and modern construction methods, students learn the basics like tools and safety, reading blueprints, and construction contracts—as well as drywall installation, millwork, cabinet making, stair construction, and floor, wall, and roof framing.

Welding & Fabrication Technology

Welding technicians need a variety of important and specialized skills to succeed. This program helps students prepare for all of them: metallurgy, metal identification, metal surfacing, steel fabrication, pipe welding and fitting, and arc welding processes are all part of the curriculum. In addition, students also learn how to read blueprints, understand layout, and use computer applications. Students complete the AWS (American Welding Society) and the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certification exams before graduating.

The Imagine America Foundation is proud of the career training services that Triangle Tech is providing to students in Pennsylvania and is grateful for their partnership these last two decades. We look forward to twenty more years of student success together!

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