Pennco Tech Scholarships with The Imagine America Foundation in Blackwood, NJ

Imagine America Scholarships for Pennco Tech in Blackwood, New Jersey


Scholarships Awarded in 2022

In 2022, Pennco Tech in Blackwood, NJ awarded 311 students an Imagine America scholarship or award to attend this institution.

As one of the leading providers of the Imagine America scholarship and award programs in New Jersey, Pennco Tech continues to nominate students for our scholarship programs.

We're honored to be working alongside Pennco Tech!

Student Testimonial

Skyy Gangale

Pennco Tech - Blackwood, NJ - Automotive Technician
I chose to attend this school because Pennco Tech increases the number of opportunities I will have in the future. They provide a great education and job placement services to give me the best chance at success once I graduate.

Destiny Whildencohen

Pennco Tech - Blackwood, NJ - Veterinary Technician
I chose to attend this school because Pennco Tech was one of the only schools near by that offered this program.

About Pennco Tech - Blackwood, NJ

Pennco Tech's Mission: In the Pennco Tech tradition, we promote educational excellence by encouraging academic and technical curiosity, innovation, and creativity by emphasizing the importance of providing students with hands-on training and the tools to make them resourceful and productive members of the workforce.

Through personal attention and a dedicated faculty and staff, our students become leaders and experts in their fields and chosen professions. We empower our students to better their lives and to contribute positively to the organizations and communities in which they work and live. We encourage and foster partnerships among the business community and industry leaders. We are passionate and agile in responding to the changing needs of our students, employers, and the communities we serve through the process of ongoing assessment, evaluation, and improvement.



99 Erial Road

Blackwood, NJ 08012


Programs Offered

Collision Repair
Automotive Technology
Diesel Technology
Electrician Training
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Medical Assistant Training
Pharmacy Technician Training

Apply for Our Scholarship To Attend Pennco Tech

The Imagine America Foundation Scholarship Program For Pennco Tech:

The Imagine America Foundation has been partnering with Pennco Tech for over 10 years. Together we are able to help students receive scholarships and awards towards their tuition in programs like Collision Repair, Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Electrician Training, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Medical Assistant Training, Pharmacy Technician Training.

In order to apply for our scholarship to Pennco Tech in Blackwood, NJ, please visit the apply for scholarships page.

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