IAF Improves Admissions

Help your prospective enrollees lower their education costs by partnering with the Imagine America Foundation and offering them the opportunity to apply for our three scholarship and award programs! It’s no secret that, unfortunately, education can be pretty expensive. Like many things in life, the cost can be prohibitive—no matter how much a potential student wants to enroll in the program of their choice. Every day prospective students are trying to decide whether the cost of furthering their education is worth it to help them real their long-term goals.

IAF has three outstanding scholarship and award programs that give them a financial break and the chance to pursue their education with more confidence in their decision to enroll. Our programs are designed for high school seniors, active and honorably discharged military personnel, and adult learners: offering them a $1,000 discount each on their tuition at our partnership institutions. All you have to do is register as a partner school with IAF, and students will be able to use our scholarship to enroll in your programs!

Don’t forget the power of word-of-mouth marketing too! The students and alumni at your school are your best testimonials to the experience and education you provide. How much more likely is a student to refer your college to a friend if they are awarded a scholarship to attend your school? When one of your prospective enrollees is given a chance to decrease their tuition costs at your school, they’re probably going to tell their friends and acquaintances and other friends interested in similar education programs. All it takes is one good referral to get another student interested in enrolling at your school! By offering our scholarship and award programs, you can help spread the word about your institution and the great career training programs you have to offer. Increase your start rate by offering students a tuition assistance program through IAF.

Imagine having the ability to offer a scholarship to students who are having trouble finding the funds to attend school. We strive to offer the most helpful tools and a true partnership to students in the industry with our programs, reference information, and resources for their educational journey, job search, and life on their own. Contact us today to register as a partnership institution with the Imagine America Foundation, and start offering your students the chance to apply for our award and scholarship programs this month!

Contact us today to find out how to get started this month!