What’s App With Our New Mobile Experience?

Perhaps the most exciting change in our approach to student engagement has been the launch of our new Imagine America mobile app. After spending lots of time generating feedback from students, we realized how on the go today’s learners are — no matter their age or education level. The truth of our digital world is that people love their phones and want to do as much as possible with the touch of a finger. That’s why we decided to package our new Imagine America experience in an easy-to-use, quick-to-download mobile app format. Since this month’s Career College Central is all about our changes and improvements, we need to take a few moments to explain why this is such a special resource — not only for students but for our school partners as well.

Manage your account and scholarship applications

Whether you’re a student, counselor, or adviser, you can manage your Imagine America profile and application process all from your phone. That’s right: there’s no need to sit behind your desk and make time for these things. When you have a few extra moments, you can take care of business and get on with your life!


A comprehensive resource library

With decades of experience working with career colleges, students and alumni, we love joining the conversation by sharing resources and contributing our own helpful articles. We constantly look for interesting research topics students and schools can use to improve performance, increase retention and enhance other positive outcomes.


Look for us to ramp up our efforts in the coming year and beyond. We really want to emphasize that we view our role as a helping hand for students, from the time they decide to pursue career college training to the day they set foot in the workplace.

Important alerts tailored to career and program interest

If you’re a nursing student, you’ll have a different job landscape than an HVAC technician or IT graduate when you complete school. So why would we send all of you the same information? Now, with our new app, students can receive alerts every month that are specific to their program and career aspirations.


Find career colleges based on their programs

For students who aren’t sure which school is right for them, we’re now equipped to point you toward several options for career training. With our new interactive map, prospective students can choose their state and search for local schools that offer programs. These listings will include our scholarship partners, so students can request school info and apply for aid from their phones.


Gain full access to our job board

We want our scholarship students to find a job when they complete their training. Since that’s the No. 1 goal, we include full access to our job board for students to view current listings. This is another Imagine America component we hope to ramp up as we continue down the fast lane of our own “Road to Success.”


If you haven’t downloaded our new Imagine America mobile app, head to your app store and download it today! You’ll quickly see how much we’ve leveled up the services we provide students and our school partners. Thanks again for helping us pursue our mission to help as many students as possible find the most efficient path toward the career they want.

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