How to Succeed in School

How to Succeed in School

After all of the research you’ve done to select a school and a program, after working hard to get accepted, after finding the right scholarships and loans to pay for it: now it’s time to go to school! What does it take to succeed as a student, now that all of your preparation to get in has paid off?

Pay attention

It can be easy to decide to skip a class now and then, or to forget to check in with your online study group, but showing up is what sets you up for success! Make sure that you don’t miss out on important information that will help you on the next test—or on the jobsite after graduation. Take notes, ask questions, and study often. You will appreciate making the effort when it’s time to put that knowledge to use.


Get organized

Career training programs are designed to move quickly. Take the time to meet with your academic adviser so that you know what’s ahead: Your adviser can be a very valuable resource to ensure you’re staying on track during your program and getting the most out of each session. Create a schedule so you know where to be and when, and to help make sure you have enough time to meet all your obligations—academic and otherwise.

Use your resources

Developing a relationship with your academic adviser is important, but don’t forget about other resources available to you! Most schools offer a student resource center—either on campus or online—to help students like you get the most out of their programs. Services might include resume assistance, career advising, hands-on lab environments, and more! Make sure you understand all the benefits and resources you can use to enhance your education and training.


Get to know the industry

Getting career training is about so much more than just the classroom experience. Network with your instructors and your peers. Volunteer with industry-related groups and join relevant associations or organizations. Attend events and keep informed about industry news and developments. Participating in these types of activities will keep you in the loop and help you get a real feel for what you’ll be doing after you graduate and join the workforce!

Don’t let all that effort to go back to school go to waste; this is the time to really put the pedal to the metal. Make the most of all the resources and opportunities your program provides so that you can hit the ground running after graduation!


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