Going Back To School

George Goodson was homeless and participating in a long-term faith-based program when a friend suggested going back to school. He admits that he hadn’t ever particularly enjoyed school and that, at 54 years old, it had been more than thirty years since he was in the classroom and he hadn’t considered going back.

But then he started thinking there might be something to the idea. He soon found Porter and Chester Institute and the Electronics Systems Technician Program there, and he decided to enroll.

The year-long program offers hands-on training in low voltage systems installation, service, and maintenance, helping students prepare for work in a variety of industries like aerospace, business, defense, education, energy, finance, manufacturing, and more.

“Class is going great,” he says today. “I’m learning stuff that I never thought I would.”

And now George is working as an intern in the very same program that helped him get back on his feet, offering mentorship and support for others facing the same challenges—and making sure they know that there is time to make a change.

“It’s never too late to learn,” says George. “It is never too late. Go for it!”

Imagine America Foundation

The Imagine America Foundation’s (IAF) greatest honor is in supporting students all across the country get the career training they need to pursue the career of their dreams. Since 1999, our scholarship and award programs have offered just such an opportunity, providing students with more than $180 million in financial support.

“The Imagine America scholarship helped me to pay the balance of my tuition because I was unemployed when I started school, and I had no way to pay,” George says. “So thank you, Imagine America, for helping this old guy get a new start in life!”

For more information about IAF’s scholarship programs, visit our scholarship page.