Four reasons why recent high school graduates excel at career colleges

Career colleges are sometimes thought of as an option just for older adults seeking a career change. But they can be a great choice for recent high school graduates who haven’t yet joined the workforce. Instead of committing to a four-year program at a traditional university, take a look at career colleges, which can help prepare you for the real world in less time.

Career colleges are schools that offer career-specific training so that you graduate with the skills you need to enter a certain profession. As someone who has just left high school, you are in a great position to take advantage of the focused and career-oriented training available in these programs.

Four reasons why
Here are four reasons why recent high school graduates can excel at a career college:

  • Student mindset – For older adults returning to college after several years in the workforce, it can be hard for them to get back into that student mindset. As a recent high school graduate, your skills for learning and studying are still fresh. Keep your momentum going! You will have no trouble adapting to a new program where you can put all those skills you’ve honed over your high school years toward preparing for a career.
  • Hands-on learning – As a recent high school graduate, you are probably tired of sitting in a classroom all day, every day. Career college programs are a fantastic way to continue your education with hands-on training. At a career college, you can specialize in hands-on programs where you learn by doing. Where you pursue a program involving vet tech, automotive repair, dental assisting, or welding, you’ll get direct hands-on experience critical to developing your skills for the professional world.
  • Diverse courses, less time – A diverse range of courses and certifications are offered at career schools. With certifications that can be earned while pursuing a degree, career colleges can help you prepare for a job in high-paying, in-demand career fields in less time than a traditional degree program. Most courses require two years or less to complete.
  • Older students – Career college students are more likely to be over the age of 25 and attending class on a part-time basis than students at four-year universities. As an 18- or 19-year-old student, this can be a great chance to meet people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. It can allow you to interact with a much different student population than you were familiar with in high school, and to learn from your peers as well as your instructors!

A host of advantages
The advantages we’ve listed in this article are just the beginning. As a recent high school graduate pursuing a hands-on program, you’ll begin to see your strengths and opportunities coming through for yourself.

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