Developing a Institutional Annual Report to the Community

Because changing the public’s opinion about career colleges needs to start at the local level, the Imagine America Foundation has developed the first Civic Engagement Survey for the career college sector, which, when combined with the Fact Book 2013: A Profile of Career Colleges and Universities and an institution’s own data, will serve as the basis for an effective community outreach plan.
Career Education Civic Engagement National Survey Data

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The Civic Engagement Survey conducted by the Imagine America Foundation is a survey of career college civic engagement. This survey is in response to a growing recognition that the sector needs to do a better job of telling our story and detailing the full range of ways we impact student lives and serve the communities in which we are located.

Developing an Institutional Annual Report Application Packet

The 2013 edition of the Imagine America Foundation’s Fact Book contains research and analysis of important trends in the career education sector of higher education. In this document we have highlighted select data that can be used on school websites, newsletters, faculty training or when speaking with congressional members.

Model 1 - National Data

Model 2 - Institutional Data

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Developing an Institutional Annual Report to the Community