Should my college offer military grants?

Many former military personnel look forward to pursuing career training programs as they transition to civilian life. It’s no secret that the GI Bill is one of the most treasured benefits that servicewomen and men can receive.

But there can still be some misunderstanding in knowing how those funds can be used. Often, someone will start a program at one school and then decide to transfer to another field or institution. Many schools mistakenly believe that a transfer student with military experience won’t be able to use GI Bill funds once they enroll at a new school. That’s not true! If students only use part of their GI tuition benefit at one institution, the rest can be used at future schools.

Do you have military students who want to transfer to your school but are worried about making up the difference in funding because they’ve already used GI funding somewhere else? The Imagine America Foundation is proud to offer a military award program designed to benefit exactly that type of situation.

The Imagine America Foundation Military Award Program:

The Imagine America Military Award Program offers $1,000 in tuition reduction to qualified active-duty, reservist, honorably discharged, or retired veterans of a United States military service branch. This career education award is available for students planning to attend any one of our participating career colleges!

There are other reasons a servicemember may have a partial GI award, too. If a student was enrolled at a school that closed in the middle of a semester, they will receive a renewed benefit thanks to legislation passed in 2017. Some students may choose to pursue additional education or multiple degrees and find that their GI funding doesn’t cover it in full.

We know you want to help military students get the education they deserve—and we want to help you support them through the Imagine America Military Award Program and our other targeted resources.

Enroll your school with the Imagine America Foundation today so you can support your military—and even military transfer—students with our award program today!

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