Bringing the Fight Home

The mission continues it never ends for a military war veteran, they bring the fight home. Warrior to citizen has a natural progression towards making the transition into civilian life. As veterans are given the opportunity to move away from the warrior role to once again becoming a productive civilian. The most difficult challenge facing military veterans is the fight that happens after their service ends and during the transition back into civilian life. The fight is never over, it subsides when life kicks in. Military veterans have a great set of marketable skills. Returning to positive cash flow, in a civilian role takes some rethinking, and creativity. It takes some unlearning that everything is not always a fight, that a person’s own marketable skills can build on building financial stability. People who have leadership skills, are professionally trained to build and protect teams, makes for a successful business practitioner. To take care of and nurture a business in the same way that the military took care of them is a transferable skill. There is an industry that has discovered the value of a seasoned leader, has become a great fit for military war veterans and a great option for them is becoming a franchise owner (Sessler,2015). Owning a franchise, working once again with their own hands. A career solution for war veterans, beginning the transition from their time in service to a successful career where they can build financial stability.

A veteran is someone who trusts in a higher purpose and is always working to provide the greater good, and this is naturally deep-rooted in a veteran's DNA (Kleinberger,2014). Some non-veteran business owners become overly absorbed in their personal goals and objectives, focusing exclusively on financial success. This writer from personal experience, that veterans understands that our resolve is to assistance others and make a difference in communities is a veteran’s inspiration. Its simple, leave the world better than we found it. This is the inspiration that drives veterans to succeed, to share, and ensure that the end of life that world indeed was left better then they found it.

A business franchise success demands a practitioner who is enthusiastic over jumping into a business and get their hands dirty. Sometimes having to perform duties that may be outside of their business scope, that type of creativity is what keeps you alive on the battle field (Kleinberger,2014). A war veteran’s success drivers are, the ability to be totally outside the box, that ability to invent a new box that builds upon what makes a franchise owner great, resulting in an amazing business. Hard work is like breathing to a war veteran, and comes natural when building a business s well. That kind of passion is fueled by experience non-veterans can’t imagine, and a veteran simply takes for granted! Veteran franchise owners will drive themselves to acquire the unreachable, with that said, in reality, the term unreachable no longer exists. Those that are in the franchise business have discovered the veteran advantage, making them an perfect match for the hands-on get your hands dirty franchise world (Kleinberger,2014).

Mr. Jerrod Sessler the CEO of HomeTask, Inc. has identified the Top Ten Reasons why franchise is successful for military veterans (Sessler,2015). 1. Veterans know when it is time to work hard but also the ability to cut loose and have a little fun. 2. Veterans are smart people able to solve problems and figure stuff out without all of the tools needed. 3.War veterans are not easily shaken, can tolerate difficult situations and remain calm. 4. The military teaches a hierarchy to understand where a person fits in, what responsibilities, and how to contribute to capitalize and improve a situation. 5. Veterans do-not-give up, a dedication to the mission that causes creativity where others may give up. 6. Frugality on the battle field as in life is a natural ability for those that have served in the military. When starting a business, a person needs to be dedicated that will carry us to the next phase of growth and profit. 7. The military is a unique structured environment a war veteran is required to do certain tasks in a certain way to stay alive. 8. Veterans know how to work in a team. 9. People who volunteer for the military are servers who put other people first. Franchising is nearly always a put other people first serving environment. 10. The war veteran special level of self-discipline; a characteristic always extremely essential in business.


What we believe is that entrepreneurial spirits and dreams is well served by people who represent the definition of resilience. War Veterans don’t have to have all the direction to drive successful outcomes. War Veterans have a survival skill that cannot be taught in business school. Franchiser, opportunities to increase your success are coming home from battle, and bringing the fight home. War Veteran is a franchise investment second to none, seek these heroes out, invest in this dream, and watch the magic happen, and share in a grateful nation!


Kleinberger, A. Y. (2014). 7 traits of highly effective veteran franchisees: franchise business owners must determine the best ways to bring outstanding military veterans into their organizations. Franchising World, (5). 30.

Sessler, J. (2015, August). Transitioning from the military to the work force: leaning on the self-discipline, leadership and dedication learned when taking the leap into post-military business life. Franchising World, 47(8), 58+

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