Alumni Spotlight – Daniel LaChance

Alumni Spotlight: Daniel LaChance

The Imagine America Foundation is proud to offer scholarship and award programs to thousands of students every year. We’re excited to catch up with some past recipients to see where they are now. Here's one of our Imagine America Alumni profiles!

Daniel LaChance - Porter & Chester Institute

Daniel LaChance says he has the greatest job he could ever ask for. Since graduating from Porter and Chester Institute with a degree in electrical technology, Daniel found work with a local energy company as a lineman apprentice.

He credits his education for this exciting employment opportunity: the training he received taught him about electrical theory and working with electricity, giving him the skills he needed to work in the field.

Imagine America Scholarship

Through the Imagine America High School Scholarship Program, Daniel was awarded a scholarship to help with his tuition and a cash grant to help make it more financially feasible to attend a postsecondary program after high school.

Daniel says that he was driven to pursue this career path because he enjoys working with his hands. And he encourages others to do the same. If you’re thinking about going to school to improve your own prospects, he recommends looking for a trade college with programs in your area of interest.

“There is nothing better than doing what you like and making a paycheck at the same time,” Daniel says.

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