5 Quick Social Media Reminders for Students

It’s easy to forget our manners when we’re scrolling through our Facebook or Twitter feed. Especially when something hits us in an emotional way. But as a student, you need to remember that everything you post or comment about online can come back to haunt you. Students who regularly post pictures of themselves having a little too much fun on social media, or those who post inflammatory comments, might find themselves regretting having such emotional reactions in a public forum.


If you’re an Imagine America scholarship recipient, remember that scholarship money, getting good grades and developing strong study habits are only part of the road to success. You need to keep up a professional appearance in person and online to make a good impression on potential employers.

Here are five social media reminders for students.


  1. Keep your negative political views private. It’s perfectly fine to express your support for political positions in positive, mature ways. Then there are people who argue, call names, etc. If there’s a good cause you believe in, promote it! But if it’s a fight you’re looking to pick, take a deep breath and keep scrolling.


  1. Party pictures. OK, let’s be honest. Almost all of us have gone overboard while celebrating getting an “A” on a hard test or wrapping up finals. Just keep any pictures that show you having a little too much fun to yourself.


  1. Get your LinkedIn profile going. Hey, this social media list doesn’t have to be a list of “don’ts.” We want you to promote yourself professionally when you can online. Having a well-crafted LinkedIn page will give prospective employers a page to target first as they review your application. It’s also a great place to get noticed, join groups and find other networking opportunities.


  1. Don’t say negative things about your current job. If you constantly complain about your job in public, employers will be worried you’ll do the same to their business. Whether your criticism is justified or not, it’s unprofessional to badmouth your employer in public.


  1. Don’t share things that could make other people look bad. Remember those times of celebration we discussed earlier? Don’t post pictures or share things about your friends or co-workers that could put them in a bad spot with their employer. In other words, the “do unto others” rule applies in the world of social media as well.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you work your way toward the career you want. If you haven’t downloaded the Imagine America mobile app yet, go ahead and do it now.


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