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Adult Learners Can Develop New Skills With The Right Training

Are you an adult that wants to train for a new job or completely new career path? It's quite common for adults to realize they want to move in a new professional direction. That's why Imagine America Awards up to $1,000 in scholarship aid to adult learners with little or no secondary level education. Of course, you will have to meet certain requirements, and follow the simple application steps laid out below. Once you get your application moving, you can start spinning your wheels down the road to success.

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Why Should Adult Learners Become Imagine America Members?

We can think of several reasons why it's a no-brainer to join. But here are the top ones for adult learners who want to find vocational or career college training...

1.) There is no cost to join. We're here to help you get money for your education - not take it from you.

2.) It only takes a few minutes. Once you create your login, you can complete your profile and submit your application whenever you want.

3.) Enhanced Mobile App experience. Imagine America members can benefit from our scholarship - and helpful resources for students of all ages and interests.

4.) Job Board. Our mission doesn't end with your graduation. We want to help you land your next big job opportunity. Members can check out our job board where employers can post open positions.

5.) Financial Planning Assistance. Your scholarship application process includes the benefit of our Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) tool. This video will explain to you common financial aid options, and how you can make smart choices throughout this process.

Ready to Apply Now? Here's How!

Here's how simple we make it for you to apply for our Adult Learner Scholarship. Just follow the steps laid out below...

Step 1 - Create your profile on our portal page,

2.) Enter your status as: student - 19 or older.

3.) Follow the steps to complete your profile

4.) Click on the "Apply for Scholarships" tab on the left side navigation

5.) Under scholarship type, select "ASEP" (Adult Skills Education Program)

6.) Choose your school by filtering "Program of Interest" or by state

7.) From here, you will review your scholarship information, and have the option to submit

8.) This is the part where you watch the FPMS video. If you need to complete this step later, we allow you to log back in later to do it

9.) Complete the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) Student Success Assessment

Congratulations! Your application should be ready to submit.

What's Next After Completing Your Imagine America ASEP Scholarship App?

What do you do after you submit your application? Download our Imagine America mobile app, so you can track your application status and make sure you stay on track. All our website resources, plus important messages and alerts are communicated through our mobile app. This saves you the hassle of having to visit our website or reach out to us through inconvenient methods to communicate with us.

Good luck as you learn new career skills to build on your life experience and current job qualifications.

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