Imagine America Promise Scholarship Program

Imagine America Promise Scholarship Program

In 2002, the Imagine America Foundation created the Imagine America Promise scholarship program. This exciting program is the actualization of the Foundation’s promise to assist students who are currently attending participating Imagine America colleges by way of the Imagine America high school scholarship and whose exceptional grades show a strong commitment to their current program of study. The Imagine America Promise scholarship program builds upon the Foundation’s award-wining Imagine America scholarship program, for which career colleges provide the funding. However, Imagine America Promise scholarships are funded in another way – entirely from grants made by our sponsors. The Imagine America Promise scholarship provides these cash grants toward the student’s schooling.

To date, the Foundation has provided more than 1 million dollars in grants.

Prospective recipients must meet the following scholarship criteria:

Imagine America understands the importance of student success. It impacts their ability to get a good job, it impacts our school partners ability to continue their work, and it helps make our great country competitive in the world. Changes in employment, industries, and career opportunities happen all the time. That's why we help student of all ages adapt to the needs of employers through efficient career training. Students who are benefitting from our scholarships to trade schools should take a look at this opportunity to increase their financial benefits for school.

If you are a college advisor and have some students in mind who would be a good fit for this additional scholarship, share this information with them. Maybe this will inspire them to share our scholarships to career and technical colleges with their friends or family who may want to improve their lives through job training as well.

  • Student must be nominated by his/her career college – each career college campus may nominate up to 3 applicants per campus
  • Student must have been a year prior Imagine America (high school) scholarship recipient
  • Student must have completed at least one term in his/her course of study
  • Student must have a college cumulative 3.5 or higher GPA
  • Student must obtain a written recommendation from a faculty/administrator representative of his/her career college
  • A copy of the student's transcripts must be sent with the nomination form
  • All applicants must write a student statement describing why they chose their college, why they chose their program of study, and what they like best about the college they are attending. (Should be no less than 100 words and no more than 400)
  • All applicants must write a student testimonial describing how receiving the Imagine America Scholarship has helped them and how the Promise Scholarship will them. (Should be no less than 100 words and no more than 400)
  • Student must submit a high resolution photo of themselves (a headshot would work best and no group pictures) as a JPEG, TIFF, or GIFF file.

Imagine America Foundation responsibilities:

  • The number of recipients will depend on available funds
  • The Foundation will review all applications and submit the completed applications to the scholarship committee
  • Notice of recipients will be listed on the website and monies will be forwarded to the school
  • The Award is a onetime award, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable
  • All incomplete applications will be deemed ineligible
  • Award can be revoked if recipient’s current education is discontinued for any reason

Imagine America Foundation's Promise Award Class of 2015:

We can't wait to add more names to our list of Promise Award recipients in the coming years. If you are a student who wants to apply for this additional scholarship for career colleges and technical schools, let your advisor know as soon as possible! We hope to reward as many students as we can for their hard work developing skills for new jobs.

  • Nick Arnold- NASCAR Technical Institute- Mooresville, NC
  • Andrej Besednjak- ETI Technical College- Niles, OH
  • Paris Boswell- Specs Howard School of Media Arts- Southfield, MI
  • Andrew Burk- Triangle Tech- Pittsburgh, PA
  • Tyler Chambers- Triangle Tech- Du Bois, PA
  • William Evans- Tidewater Tech- Norfolk, VA
  • Kelsey Franczek- Ohio Valley College of Technology- East Liverpool, OH
  • Brad Garmen- ETI Technical College- Niles, OH
  • Graciela Gutierrez- San Joaquin Valley College- Ontario, CA
  • Mayela Guzman- Carrington College- San Jose, CA
  • Levi Hetrick- Triangle Tech- Du Bois, PA
  • Daniel LaChance- Porter & Chester- Watertown, CT
  • Jaqueline Loeza Contreras- Carrington College- Ontario, CA
  • Haley Mulholland- West Virginia Junior College- Bridgeport, WV
  • Chase Murphy- West Virginia Junior College- Bridgeport, WV
  • Jose Pacheo- Universal Technical Institute- Phoenix, AZ
  • Brett Parrish- Triangle Tech- Pittsburgh, PA
  • Alexander Pelishek- Universal Technical Institute- Lisle, IL
  • Thomas Renwick- Triangle Tech- Du Bois, PA
  • John Ruane- Culinary Institute of Virginia- Norfolk, VA
  • Lexy Rupp- Sullivan University- Louisville, KY
  • Jacey Williams- Gene Juarez Academy- Federal Way, WA
Congratulations to the class of 2015 Promise Award recipients!

2011 Imagine America Promise Recipients (PDF)

2010 Imagine America Promise Recipients (PDF)

2008 Imagine America Promise Scholarship Recipients (PDF)

2007 Imagine America Promise Scholarship Recipients (PDF)

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our Imagine America Promise award. This scholarship for students in trade schools and career colleges is just one way we aim to lift students up.

Whether you qualify for this career college scholarship, make sure you check out our Student Roadmap to Success and download our mobile app. Those two steps are the best way to ensure you have the support you need while you improve your life through career training.

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