Process Student Scholarships

Process Student Scholarship Applications

To process your students' applications, log in to your account at, and enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD.




1.   Once logged in, select the tab “My Applications” to view your applicants.

2.   You may view any active applications under the “Active” tab. The “Completed” tab will show you all those you have either approved or rejected.

3.   To review an application, click on the student’s name to pull up his or her application. Select the button “Accept” or “Reject.”

4.   Once you have either approved or denied the student’s application, an automated confirmation email will be sent to you for your records.

NOTE: Your student will need to have applied for an Imagine America Foundation scholarship and indicated you as their counselor for you to have access to the student's application.

As the counselor on file for that student, you should have received an email notification with instructions on how to review the application.

Should you have any questions please contact Lee Doubleday at 571.267.3015 or

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